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70 FORTYFOURTH CONGRESS. Sess. L Ch. 159. 1876. of the Navy shall certify that the needs of the public service make such.) increase necessary at that time which certificate shall be immediately published when made. . BUREAU OF STEAM ENGINEERING. R<>l]¤iF¤» <>°°·» of For repairs and preservation of boilers and machinery on naval ves- · “‘"]““°"Y‘ sels: For ntting, repairs, and preservation of machinery and toolsin the several navyyards; for labor in navy-yards and stations not in- · cluded above, and incidental expenses; and for purchase and preservation of oils, coals, metals and all materials and stores, nine hundred and forty-two thousand nve hundred dollars. , NAVAL ACADEMY. · Pay Of 1>¤‘¢>T¢S· For pay of professors and others: For two professors, (heads of de- “°’“r “”“‘”"“"· partments,) viz. one of drawing and one of English studies, history and t°Mh°m’ Gm law, at two thousand five hundred dollars each, nve thousand dollars; three professors, namely, one of mathematics, (assistant,) one of chemistry, and one of French, at two thousand two hundred dollars each; ten assistant professors, namely, four of French, one of Spanish, two of English studies, history, and laws, one of mathematics, and two of drawing, at one thousand eight hundred dollars each; swordmaster, at one ’ thousand nve hundred dollars, and two assistants, at one thousand dollars each; boxing-master and gymnast, at one thousand two hundred dollars; and assistant librarian, at one thousand four hundred dollars; three clerks to superintendent, at one thousand two hundred dollars, one thousand dollars, and eight hundred dollars respectively ; one clerk to commandant of cadets, one thousand dollars; one clerk to paymaster; one thousand dollars; one apothecary, seven hundred and nity dollars, one commissary, two hundred and eighty eight dollars; one cook, three hundred'and twenty-nve dollars and nity cents; one messenger to ‘ superintendent, six hundred dollars; one a-rmorer, five hundred and - twenty-nine dollars and fifty cents; one gunner’s mate, tour hundred and sixty-nine dollars and fifty cents, and one quarter-gunner, four hun- - dred and nine dollars and nfty cents; one cockswain, four hundred and sixty-nine dollars and fifty cents; three seamen in the department of . seamanship, at three hundred and i'orty-nine dollars and fifty cents each; one band-1naster,nve hundred and twentyeiglit dollars; eighteen nrst class musicians, at three hundred and forty-eight dollars each; seven second class musicians, at three hundred dollars each ; two drum- _ mers and one titer, (tirst class,) at three hundred and forty-eight dol- , lars each; in all, fifty-tive thousand nve hundred and twenty-six dollars. Payofwatchmcu Pay of watchmen and others: Captain of the watch, at two dollars and °u‘°”· and fifty—ccnts per day, nine hundred and twelve dollars and Fifty cents; four watchmen, at two dollars and twenty-nve cents per day, three thousand two hundred and eighty nve dollars; forman of the gas and steam-heating works, at five dollars per diem, one thousand eight hundred and twentynve dollars; tenattendants at gas and steam-heating works of academy, one at three dollars and nfty cents, one at three dollars, and eight at two dollars and nfty cents per day each, nine thousand six hundred and seventy-two dollars ; three joiners, two painters, _ and two masons, at three dollars and nfty cents per day each; eight " thousand nine hundred and forty-two dollars and nity cents; one tinner, one gas-ntter, and one blacksmith, at three dollars and nity cents per day each, three thousand eight hundred and thirty two dollars and fifty cents; in all, twenty-eight thousand eight hundred and thirty four _ dollars and nfty cents. }?;¤5’t<{fm€°b=¤¤¤<=¤ Pay of mechanics and others : One mechanic at workshop, at two d0}·_ ‘*‘"‘ ° “’”· lars and twenty-nve cents per diem, eight hundred and twenty-one dol lars and twentyhve cents; one master laborer, to keep public grounds in order, at two dollars and twenty-eight cents per diem, eight hundred