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164 SEVENTH CONGRESS. Sess. I. Ch. 31. 1802. €<>s¤iz¤¤¤¤ vt Sec. 11. And be it further enacted, That in all cases in which pm. proceedings ull- ’ · . dm, comms_ ceedmgs shall, on the said first day of July H€Xt, be pending under a

ions of bank. commission of bankruptcy issued in pursuance of the aforesaid act, in.
iI;1t‘i:);s;¤ WT- tltuled "An act to provide for lll1B HIOYB CO11V€Dl6H\2 Ofgallllation of the

Act 0§‘Feb_ courts of the United States," the cognizance of the same shall be, and rrxary 13, 1801, hereby is transferred to, and vestcd in, the district Judge of the district cn. 4. within which such commission shall have issued, who is hereb _ _ y em owered to proceed therein in the same manner and to the same cifeg, as _ if such commission of bankruptcy had been issued by his order. ,S¤}*¤”¤€=i°*`lh¤ Sm:. 12. And be it fzrtlter enacted, That from and after the fim district hudges d f J I h . . . , (,t·Kcnwc yum, ayo u y next, the district Judges of Kentucky and 'Iennessee shall be 'rennessee. . and hereby are severally entitled to a salary of fifteen hundred dollars,

 gf?-336; annually, to be paid quarter-yearly at the treasury of the United States,

mmm, 24, 1785, Ssc. lil. And be it further cnqotcd, 'ljhut the marshals and attornies ch. 20. Act or of the United States, for the districts which were not divided or within

 gh the limits of which, new districts were not erected, by the act intituled

Cetmn mb “An act to provide for the'more convenient organization of the courts shale and attor- of the United States," passed the thirteenth day of February, one thou- “'°S m“Y bs sand eight hundred and one shall continue to be l l d ' continued_ f g _ _ _ ,· mars 13 s an attormes Act of Feb orlsuch districts respectively, unlesslremoved by the President of the gag 13, 1801, United ·States, and in all other districts which were divided or within Mesident to the limits of which newldistricts were erected by the last recited act, discontinue the President of the United States be and hereby is empowered from others. and after the first day of July next to discontinue all such supernumerary marshals and district attornies of the United States in such districts respectively as he shall deem expedient, s0_ that there shall be but one marshal and district attorney to each district; and every marshal and district attorney who shall be continued in office, or appointed by the mgct xg? President of the United States m such districts, shall have and exercise ch. · · the same powers, perform the same duties, give the same bond with sureties, take the same oath, be subject to the same penalties and regu- Mursgagspcw- lations asare, or may be prescribed by law, in respect to the marshals °’ivI‘;';ShaE*;:d god district attormes of the United States. And every marshal and anopuies lhs_ istrrct attorney who shall be so discontinued as aforesaid shall be holden continued, to to deliver over all papers, matters and things in relation to their respec- L &‘;l'°' five officcs, to such marshals and district attornies respectively who shall be so continued or appointed asraforesaid in such district, in the same mfgnner as is required bylaw in cases of resignation or removal from 0 ce. G 1 · . mh:;:::,' °°;'}. Sec. i4. And be ztfurther enacted, That there shall be appointed by bankruptcy. the President of the United States, from time to time, as many genera] upigcicesnznggzn clgmgnssricngerls logclgaglhruptcyé in each district of the United States, las p,?, a comms_ ., { _ _ y. YI upon petition to the judge of a district

30;; of mm;. court or a coutmissxon of bankruptcy he shall proceed as is provided in

l}_cz'·°f. April im Y NU Mt, mtrtuled "f&n act to estabhsh an uniform system of bank- 4, 1800, eh_ 1g_ ruptcy throughout the United .States," and appoint, not exceeding three smzleéwunce to of the said general commissioners as commissioners of the particular mc commission- }ankrup{t petitioned against; and the said commissioners, together with 1 I . . . m and gmk the c er ,_ shall each he al owed as Ia full compensation for their services, uufgdbsussggg {when s1tt1:g and acting under their commissions, at the rate of six do]- hankmpm pm- bars. per ay or every day which they may be employed in the same Pew!} b mtginests, teuhe appogioneddamotng the several causes on which they 0 may s, ac on c same ay, an to e paid out of the respective bankrupfs

>{°n;;=¤ ¢
{;¤°Y:fy estates .. Pronzdcd, that the commissioners, who may have been, or may

,,p¥0imd_ l e appointed in any district before notice shall be given of the appoint- GSS tgsgmi n;_en}t_0f commissioners for such district by the President in pur uance the human of E t 1; act, and who shall not then have completed their business, shall

-ts appoint, 0;>i;.$al0;;::i£pm;;1;3ceed and finish the same, upon the terms of their