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SEVENTH CONGRESS. Sess. I. Ch. 52. 1802. 193 number of persons employed on board such boat, raft or fiat, and the Penalty for money paid to him by the master or owner thereof: and if any such rendering ¤ master shall render a false account of the number of persons, and the mu a°°°“°t' length of time they have severally been employed, as is herein required, he shall forfeit and pay fifty dollars, which shall be applied to, and shall Person, mM_ make a part of, the said general iimd for the purposes of this act: gating such Provided, that all persons employed in navigatin any such boat, raft b°’**§· *0 `¤° or flat, shall be considered as seamen of the United States, and entitled ggfgfggmgf °5w to the relief extended by law to sick and disabled seamen. United States. Sec. 4. And be it further enacted, That the President of the United P*'9¤ld°¤*_ W States be, and he is hereby authorized to nominate and appoint for the :gl°g}?;Gan?;;?,fé port of New Orleans, a tit person to be director of the marine hospital hospital at New of the United States, whose duties shall be in all instances the same as 0’l?“¤¤· _ the directors of the marine hospitals of the United States, as directed Sc?,;?,; :351%; and required by the act, intituled "An act for the relief of sick and oihnittodiu cer. disabled seamen." [Act of July 16, 1798, chap. 76.] mn °"°*· Sec. 5. And be it further enacted, That each and every director of m,,?;;"}:',;, 2:,; the marine hospitals within the United States, shall, if it can with hospital subject convenience be done, admit into the hospital of which he is director, *° ¤_ °l*’*’H° l`°¥ sick foreign seamen, on the application of the master or commander of gffly $;,¥,,%l,:°y any foreign vessel to which such sick seamen may belong; and each therein. seaman so admitted shall be subject to a charge of seventy-tive cents Cd°‘““I*°° ¤°* per day for each day he may remain in the hospital, the payment of 3,, ijgigrby which the master or commander of such foreign vessel shall make to until tho money the collector of the district in which such hospital is situated: and the d“° f'°'¤ *h° collector shall not grant a clearance to any foreign vessel, until th_e ;?§E°r§, §f°r,; money due from such master or commander, in manner and form afore- paid. said, shall be paid; and the director of each hospital is hereby directed, ,,0 s15g::?; under the penalty of fifty dollars, to make out the accounts against each ,0 bg ,,,,,,1;, 0,,, foreign seaman that may be placed in the hospital, under his direction, by the director and render the same to the collector. °fél‘a l‘°*Pl*“l· Sec. 6. And be it further enacted, That the collectors shall pay the ,,,,y°,,;°,Q°t$;n;; money collected, by virtue of this and the act to which this is an amend- they collect into ment, into the treasury of the United States, and be accountable there- 3*]** Tifasgry ef for, and receive the same commission thereon, as for other money by u,:,,, lhisttfg them collected. the u_ct to which Sec. 7. And be it further enacted, That each and every director of lm f *1 S“PPl°· the marine hospitals shall be accountable at the treasury of the United mggécto, O,-the States for the money by them received in the same manner as other marine hospital receivers of public money, and for the sums by them expended shall be me °;:)°r:’:* 5;* allowed a commission at the rate of one per cent. c,,,,,,,,, by l,,,,` Approved, May 3, 1802. cogllqoggpgn tt --—-· Srxrurz I. CHAP. LII.-An dol additional lo, and amendalory of} an acl, inlilulcd "An aol Mw 3» mozconccrning the District of Columbia." F,,b,.,,,,,y 2-;, Be it enacted by the Senate and House q"Representatives of the United lg2:,;c°:)',j0;i,d_ States J America in Congress assembled, That the circuit court of the ingsmny be had county of Washington, in the territory of Columbia, shall have power to proceed in all common law and chancery causes which now are,_or wi, com ,0, hereafter shall be instituted before it, in which either of the parties the county of reside without the said territory, in the same way that non-residents are W¤¤h¤¤g¤>¤ ¤¤ . . - in the general proceeded against in the general court or in the supreme court of com 0,, cmm chancery in the state of Maryland. of chancery in Sec. 2. And be it further enacted, That the circuit court of the M=¤‘Yl¤¤d·_ county of Alexandria, in the district of Columbia, shall. have power to a 5:’s‘;‘;°:;‘iSS_ proceed in all common law and chancery causes which now are, or mg,,,,,,,,, me ,,,,_ hereafter shall be instituted before it, in which either of the parties are cult court ofAlnon-residents of said district of Columbia, in the same way, and under °“”d““ °°““°Y Ver., Il.-25 R