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EIGHTH CONGRESS. Sess. I. Ch. 35. 1804. 277 In Louisiana.--From Massac, on the Ohio river, to Cape Girardeau, Louisiana. in Louisiana; from thence to New Madrid; from the said Cape Girardeau, by St. Geneveive to Kaskaskias, in the Indiana territory; and from Cahokia to St. Louis, in Louisiana; from Natchez to Tombigby; and from Natchez to New Orleans. Sec. 3. And be it yitrtlter enacted, That all letters, returns, and other Lamm to or papers on public service, sent by the mail to or from the offices of *`¤{¤* the ¤*H¤¤¤ inspector and paymaster of the army, shall be received and conveyed °£":Qf;°;",‘;“d free of postage. EJ ,,,,,.,,,,).9,; Sec. 4. And be it further enacted, That whenever it shall be made YN0- to appear to the satisfaction of the Postmaster·General, that any road 1£l;:2:;g3__ established by this or any former act, as a post road, is obstructed by General to rc. fences, gates, or bars, other than those lawfully used on tumpike roads, P°****°C*>**S*’?$¤ to collect their toll, and not kept in good repair with proper bridges and ferries, where the same may be necessary, it shall be the duty of the tions. Postmaster-General to report the same to Congress, with such informa- [0l>¤°l€*¤·l tion as can be obtained, to enable Congress to establish some other road csg‘,;Q‘£f$,,;‘; instead of it in the same main direction. roads. Sec. 5. And be it further enacted, That this act shull not be so con- Eristing construed as to affect any existing contract for carrying the mail. ****°*¤ **°F**H°°*· APPROVED, Maron 2a, 1804. °" by "“S “°‘· Q; Srirrurr: I. CHAP. XXXV`.—AnAct making provision fm- the disposal of the public lands in March26, 1804. the Indiana territory, and for other purposes. (a) '_;*_ Be it enacted by the Senate and House ofltepresentatives of the United suf,gwg;S "S;‘° States of America in Congress assembled, That the powers vested by law ,,,1 cxlcnaili ` in the surveyongeneral, shall extend over all the public lands of the over an the United States to which the Indian title has been or shall hereafter be £“‘5“s°;0*;f‘ 3,; extinguished, north of the river Ohio, and east of the river Mississippi; th; como, and and it shall be the duty of the said surveyor-general to cause the said east of the Mis. lands to be surveyed into townships, six miles square, and divided in the same manner and under the same regulations, and to do and perform all to be hi,] onsuch other acts in relation to the said lands, as is provided by law in into townships. relation to the lands of the United States, situate northwest of the river Ohio and above the mouth of Kentucky river: Provided, that the whole Expenses of expense of surveying and marking the lines shall not exceed three dol- ;:;;‘;l3“§h';g;L° lars for every mile that shall be actually run, surveyed and marked: d0;m,p,,.·mi1s_ And provided also, that such tracts of land as are lawfully claimed by Tram claim. individuals within the said boundaries, and the title whereto has been 0d *<> b¤l=*ld 0*** or shall be recognized by the United States, shall be laid out and sur- veyed at the expense of the parties respectively, in conformity with the true boundaries of such tracts. And it shall also be the duty of the said surveyor-general to cause to be run, surveyed and marked such of the Indiw l><>**];*· Indian boundary lines of the said lands, as have not yet been surveyed; gsgyagglfsaticdi and with the approbation of the President of the United States to ascertain by astronomical observations the positions of such places north of the river Ohio and east of the river Mississippi, as may be deemed necessary for the correctness of the surveys, and to be the most important points of the geography of the country. Sec. 2. And be it further enacted, That for the disposal of the lands I.ana.otpee¤ of the United States, north of the river Ohio and east of the river Mis- f;;l;li‘fh°V,°:; sissippi, in the Indiana territory, three land-offices shall be established c€,,,,ss’ and in the same, one at Detroit for the lands lying north of the state of Ohio K¤¤*¤¤¤l<i=*- to which the Indian title has been extinguished; one at Vincennes for the lands to which the Indian title has been extinguished, and which (a,) See notes to act of March 23, 1804, chap. 33; an act granting; lands to the inhabitants and settlers H! Vi¤U€¤¤68, and the Illinois country, Sm., March 3, 1791, charé 3;, vol. i- 22l.