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TENTH CONGRESS. Sess. I. Ch. 41, 42, 43. 1808. 48] is hereby forever vested in the corporation of the said city, so as not to town lots ceded other the legal or equitable claims of any individuals, or of any body 19 the ¤<>rr~¤¤- politic or corporate, if any such there be, tw; °Y`N°*,?h°¥- Soo, 8. And be it further enacted, That whenever the claims of per- vat; pnsons having a right of pre-emption in either of the districts east or I¤*¤**`¢*i¤8 west of Pearl river, shall interfere with each other, the register and re- ;’l?";‘° l" dl" ceiver of 'public monies are hereby authorized in their respective districts vi;: :?StP::l so to regulate their locations as to prevent such interference. men hvww be Approved, March 31, 1808. “°“l€d·

  • 1 Sruurm I.

CHAP. XLI.—-.011 Aot further 10 prolong the continuamc of the Mint at Philadel- April 1, 1808. PHE. {Expired.] Be it enacted by fha Senate and House nf Representatives of the United Mint euntin. States of America in Congress assembled, That. the act, intituled “An “°El in Ph"¤·d°l- act concerning the mint," approved March the third one thousand pm f°r HN . _ _ _ v _ years after 4th eight hundred and one, is hereby revived and continued in force and March, 1808. operation for the further term of five years after the fourth day of March, *8*% <=l¤· 9- one thousand eight hundred and eight. AP1>1<0vm>, April 1, 1808. ——- Srnmrz I. Crux-. XLII.—.£n dot authorizing ilu: sale of publie Arm;. April 2, 1808. Be it enacted by the Senate and House of Represcnlatives ¢y" the United [cbs01m_] States of America in Congress assembled, That the President of the Pm .d M United States be, and he is hereby authorized to cause to be sold to th,,,,,;, 8,,, individual states, which may wish to purchase, any arms now owned by tc individual the United States, and which may be parted with without injury to the :_’;‘:“ P“bl‘° public: Accounts of such sales shall be laid before Congress, and the ` money arising therefrom be, and the same is hereby appropriated, under the direction of the President of the United States, to the purchase or manufacture of other arms for the use of the United States: Provided, Payment of that such arms be not delivered to any state or their agents until the ::,1 :“K;l‘°;° payment of the purchase money be first made into the treasury of the 6,,, gmk, :,,0 United States, in money or in the stock of the United States, at its the treasury of value, as established by an act, intituled “An act to repeal so much of *l‘° U· s‘“‘°“· any act or acts as authorize the receipt of evidences of the public debt., 1806, eh. 50. in payment for the lands of the United States, and for other purposes relative to the public debt ;" Provided also, that this provision shall not pi·ov;.o_ extend to any purchase, not exceeding five thousand stand of arms, which shall be made by a state to which the United States by existing engagements are bound to pay a sum of money, equal to the amount 0 such purchase. Aemzoven, April 2, 1808. -—-— Sraruu I. CHAP. XLHI.-An Act to raise for a limited time an additional military April 12, 1808· forccla) [Obsolete.] Be it enacted by the Senate and House of Representatives of the United Additinnnl States of America in Congress assembled, That in addition to the pre- ¤¤il;¢¤ry_f'¤r¤e sent military establishment of the United States, there be raised five *° °"‘“"d‘ regiments of infantry, one regiment of riilemen, one regiment of light artillery, and one regiment of light dragoons, to be enlisted for the term .Tgrm of Soi-- of five years, unless sooner discharged. _ _ "*°]f’,· th , SBC. 2. And be it further enacted, That. the said regiments of in- men:vm_:{:€; ftihtfy, rillemen, and artillery, shall consist of ten companies each, and oompoood,

(u.) See the act fixing the military pence establishment of the United States, March 3, 1815, chap. 78. Vet. U.-e1 2 S