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7()() TWELFTH CONGRESS. Sess. I. Ch. 48, 49. 1812. Srnvrz I. · - CHAP. XLVIII.—.A'n mt granting to the corporation of the czty of New Orkam

 {hg use and possessfon of u [Ol in UIQ said C|;ly•

Igighu of the Be it enacted by the Senate and House of Representatives of the United U“’“;1iS“°;:° States of America in Congress assembled, That all the right and claim

,, th
of the United States to the use, possession and occupancy of a space of

city ¤t‘New Or. one hundred and fifty by one hundred and twenty-hvccfeetof as vacant i;““‘. °”d°d ‘° lot of ground, in the city of New Orleans, bounded by Bxcnvnllc and t 6 cn}" Custom-house streets, and by Levee street and the high road, bc, and the same is hereby vested in the corporation of the said city. And the sand corporation is authorized to use, possess and occupy the same, for the purpose of erecting or causing to be erected and kept in operation a. steurn engine, or engines, for conveying waxeninto the said city, and all Provisod um. buildings necessary to the said purpose: Prcvzded, that if th; sang space

  • h¤2*<>¤¤_ ¤l¤¤U of ground shall not be occupied for the said purpose,`wit int e term

I"? °?°°"*"°d of three years, from and after the passing of this act, or shall at any time within three . . years. thereafter cease to be so occupied, for the term of lhrce years, the right and claim of the United States thereto, shall remain ummpznredz And Prcviso. provided also, that this act shall not affect the claim, or claims of any individual or individuals, if any such there be. Approved, April 3, 1812. Survu I. ———— AP¤‘iI4,18T2· CHAP. XLIX.—.»9n Act laying an embargo on all ah;?: and vessels in the port; [Expired_] and harfmrs of the United Stains, for a 'miled time. f E”)b“'B‘:,l'*id Be it enacted oy the Senate and House cy"Representatives of the United °r ""my °y°' States of America in Congress assembled, That an embargo be, and hereby is laid for the term of ninety days from and a&er_the passing of this act, on all ships and vessels in the ports and places within the limits or jurisdiction of the United States, cleared or not cleared, bound to any foreign port or place; and that no clearance be furmshcd to any ship or vessel bound to such foreign port or place, except vessels in ballast, with the consent of the President of the United States; and that the President be authorized to give such instructions to the officcrs of the revenue, gud ofghe ngvp and revenue (gutters of the Uplgpd gtafes,-gs shxppplai Pmviso. est a apte or carrying the same mto c ec : rom , a nothing herein contained shall be construed to prevent the departure of any foreign ship or vessel, either in ballast or with the goods, wares and merchandise on board of such foreign ship or vessel when notified of this act. _Bond¤ w be _Sec. 2. Azul be it fiarllzcr enacted, That during the continuance of S"? *2*** gu this act, no registered or sca letter vessel shall be allowed to depart from g;§,p°gdfi t5é any onctport of the United Statesftotany ptherhwithlnlthelslaimfp, pnless ts m . e m ser, 0 ner ons: nec or coro suc vesse,s rs ive Eé;§;sh“l£ b° bond, ivith ori; or, xiiore gsuretics, ti; the collector of the district f€om other, OHM which she is bound to depart, in a sum of double the value of the vessel Unimd States. and cargo, conditioned that the goods, wares or merchandise,·with which she shall be laden, shall be relandcd in some port of the United States. pcnmics g-,,, Sec. 3. And be it further enacted, That if any ship or vessel shall, going to foreign during the continuance of this act, depart from any port of the United P°"’· States, without a clearance or permit, or if any ship or vessel shall, contrary tolhe provisions of this act, proceed a foreign port or place, or trade with, or put on board of any other ship or vessel, any goods, wares or merchandise, of foreign or domestic growth or manufacture, such ships or vessels, goods, wares and merchandise shall be wholly forfeited, and, if the same shall not be seized, the owner or owners, a ent, frei liter E S or factors, of any such ship or vessel, shall for every such offence forfeit and pay a sum equal to double the value of the ship or vessel and cargo,