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44 SIXTH CONGRESS. Sess. I. Ch. 1800. Nswpostroads Orr’s tavern, Tennessee; from Danville, by Stand ford, to Lancaster; °'"°h'l‘°d· from Frankfort, by Clark Courthouse, Montgomery Courthouse, Fleming Courthouse, to Washirigton; from Frankfort, by Scott Court. house, Harrison Courthouse, Pendleton Courthouse, and Campbell Courthouse, to Cincinnati, North Western Territory; from Frankfort, by Shelbysville, Bardstown, Hardin Courthouse, and Logan Courthouse, to Robinson Courthouse, in Tennessee; the post road from Washington, to Cincinnati, shall pass by Bracken Courthouse; the post road from Beardstown, to Louisville, shall pass through Shepherdsvilleg from Logan Courthouse, by Christian Courthouse, Livingston Courthouse, Henderson Courthouse, to Muhlenberg Courthouse; and from Logan Courthouse, by Warren Courthouse, and Barren Courthouse, to Green Courthouse. In the North Western Yrrritory.-——1·`rom `Washington, Kentucky, by Manchester, in North Western Territory, to Chilicothe; from Louisville, Kentucky, to Vincennes; from Zanes, on the Muskingum, to Marietta. In Wrginia.—-From Culpepper Courthouse, by Madison Courthouse, to Orange Courthouse; from Fredericksburg, by Spotsylvania Courthouse, and Louisa Courthouse, to Columbia; from Fredericksburg, by King George _Courthouse, Mattoxbridge, Leedstown, Westnioreland Courthouse on Templeman’s cross roads, Richmond Courthouse, and Farnham, to Kinsale; from Fredericksburg, by Rogers’ mills, Chiles' store, Chesterfield, Oxford. and _Crew’s store, to Goochland Courthouse; from King and Queen Courthouse, to Shackleford’s store; from Gloucester Courthouse, to Matthews Courthouse; from Moorefields, by Franklin, to Bath Courthouse; from Richmond, by Coles’ in Chesterfield county, J anetoebridge, Amelia Courthouse, Pridesville, and Ligontown, to Jamestown; from Petersburg, by Amelia Courthouse, Nottaway Courthouse, Bibb’s ferry on Staunton river, to Halifax Courthouse; from Alexandria, by Centerville, Middleburg, Paris, and Millwood, to Winchester; from Cartersville, by New Canton, Buckingham Courthouse, and Bent Creek, to Lynchburg; from Romney, by Springfield and Frankfort, to Cumberland, in Maryland; from Centerville, by the Red House, to Fauquier Courthouse; from Washington, Pennsylvania, by Charlestown or Brooke Courthouse, in Virginia, to Wheeling; the post road from Alexandria to Leesburg, shall pass through Matildaville; and the post road from Leesburg, to Shepherdstown, shall pass through Charlestown, in the county of Berkeley; the post road from Sweetspring, to Greenbrier Courthouse, shall pass by Monroe Courthouse; from Greenbrier Courthouse to Kanhaway Courthouse; from Lexington, direct to Cabellsburg ; from Mecklenburg Courthouse, the mail shall return by Christian’s store, at Coxe’s, to Lunenburg Courthouse, and Edm0nd’s store, to Gholson’s. In Maryland.—From Baltimore, by Reisterstown, Westminster, Taneytown and Emmitsburg, to Fairfield, Pennsylvania; from Baltimore, by Libertytown, to Fredericktown; and from Fredericktown, by Harper’s Ferry, to Charlestown, in Berkeley county, Virginia; from Port Tobacco, by the Top of the Hill, to Nanjemoy; from Leonardtown, by the Great Mill to the Ridge; from Washington, to Upper Marlborough; from Washington, by Queen Ann, to Annapolis; from Easton, by Cambridge and New Market, to Vienna; from Easton, by Hillsborough, Denton and Greensborough, to Whitelysburgh. In Pennsylvania.-—From Lancaster, by Elizabethtown and Middletown, to Harrisburg, Sunbury, and Northumberland; from Lancaster, to New Holland; from Harrisburg, by Clark’s ferry, Millerstown, Thompsontown, Miliiintown, Lewistown, and Huntington, to Alexandria; from Lewistown, by Miiliiutown, Aaronsburg, Mile burg, and Bellefont, to Centre Furnace; from Lewistown, by Muncey, and Milton, to Williamsport; from Northumberland, to Berwick, and thence by