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FORTY-FIFTH CONGRESS. Sess. II. Ch. 214, 215. 1878. 137 Sec. 5. That the said shares of stock shall be personal property to all Sham or stock. intents. Certincates thereof may be issued in such form as the board Form. of directors shall prescribe, and may be transferred in such manner as the by·laws may prescribe, but no share shall be transferred until all calls or as essments previously made thereon shall have been paid up. Thero shall be on each share of stock not less than five dollars at the Payment. time of subscribing, and the residue shall be paid from time to time whenever assessed or called for by the board of directors. Upon default in the payment of any sum due on any subscription, the stock may be forfeited and sold for the payment thereof, with interest and expenses, under such regulations as the by-laws may prescribe, or the corporation may, by suit, recover the same from the holder of the stock at the time of the assessment thereof, or at any subsequent time. SEO. 6. That this act may he amended or repealed at any time, and Rqmi, shall take effect from the date of its approval. Approved, J one 15, 1878. ‘ CHAP. 215.-An act to regulate the practice of pharmacy in the District of Columbia. Jung 15, 1373, Be it enacted by the Senate and House of Representatives of the United States of America in Congress assembled, That from and after the pas- p,,,,,,,,,, ,,0, mg sage of this act, it shall be unlawful for any person, not a registered istered pharmapharmacist within the meaning of this act, to conduct any pharmacy ¤i¤t¤¤¤¤§¤¤¤¤d¤<=t or store for the purpose of retailing, compounding, or dispensing medi- Ph“’"""°‘°“· cines or poisons, for medical use, in the District of Columbia, except as hereinafter provided. Sec. 2. That it shall be unlawful for the proprietor of any store or Proprietorstoah pharmacy to allow any person, except a registered pharmacist, to com- lvwvviyrqgistcred pound or dispense the prescriptions of physicians, or to retail or dis- Pb““"'·‘3'“:“ “° pense poisons for medical use, except as an aid to, and under the imme- °°mp°°° ’° °' diate supervision of, a registered pharmacist. Any person violating Penalty. the provisions of this section shall be deemed guilty of a misdemeanor, and, on conviction thereof, shall. be liable to a fine of not less than twenty-tive dollars nor more than one hundred dollars for each and every such otlense. Sec. 3. That immediately after the passage of this act, and bienni- Commissioners ally thereafter, or as often as necessary, the Commissioners of the <>f1>¤¤¤¤1¤¤y- District of Columbia shall appoint three pharmacists and two physicians, all of whom shall have been residents of the District of Columbia. for five years and of at least five years’ practical experience in their respective professions, who shall be known and styled as Commissioners of Pharmacy for the District of Columbia, who shall serve without compensation, and who shall hold olhce for two years, and until their Termsuccessors are appointed and qualified. Said commissioners shall, within thirty days after the notification of their appointment, each take and subscribe to an oath to impartially and faithfully discharge their Oath duties as prescribed hy this act. The position of any commissioner who shall fail to so qualify within the time named shall he vacant, and the vacancy or vacancies so occurring, or any vacancy or vacancies that may occur, shall be Hlled by the Commissioners of the District of Columbia. Sec. 4. That the commissioners of pharmacy shall keep a. book of Register ofpharregistration open at some convenient place within the city of Washing- '¤°°*°*·’· ton, of which due notice shall be given through the public press, and shall record therein the name and place of business of every person registered under this act. It shall be the duty of said commissioners Whotpbemgisof pharmacy to register, without examination, as registered pharmacists, **:1:*;*1 g(;;h°“* °x· all pharmacists and drnggists who are engaged in business in the Dis- ° "° ' trict of Columbia at the passage of this act as owners or principals of stores of pharmacies for selling at retail, compounding, or dispensing drugs, medicines, or chemicals for medicinal use, or for compounding