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156 FORTY-FIFTH CONGRESS. Sess. II. Ch. 264. 1878. _Fox andWisc¤n- For improving Fox and Wisconsin Rivers, two hundred and fifty S"] R"'°“’· thousand dollars. Chicago. For improving harbor at Chicago, Illinois: Extending breakwater and dredging channel, seventy-five thousand dollars. Calumet. For improving harbor at Calumet, Illinois, tlfteen thousand dollars. Charlevoix. For improving harbor at Charlevoix, Michigan, twelve thousand dollars. Frankfort. For improving harbor at Frankfort, Michigan, eight thousand eight hundred dollars. Manistee. For improving harbor at Manistee, Michigan, fifteen thousand dollars. Lndington. For improving harbor at Ludington, Michigan, nfteen thousand dollars. Pentwoter. For improving harbor at Pentwater, Michigan, ten thousand dollars. White River For improving harbor at White River Michigan, twelve thousand H=¤fl¤<>¤‘- dollars. Grand Haven. For improving harbor at Grand Haven, Michigan, ilfteen thousand dollars. Black Lnke. For improving harbor at Black Lake, lliichigan, ten thousand dollars. Sangatuck. For improving harbor at Saugatuck, Michigan, two thousand tive hundred dollars Bayou La Four- For removing obstructions in Bayou La Fourches, Louisiana, ten ¢b¢¤· thousand dollars. South Haven. For improving harbor at South Haven, Michigan, twelve thousand dollars. Snint Joseph. For improving harbor at Saint Joseph, Michigan, twelve thousand dollars. . Saint Mary’s Riv- For improving Saint Mary’s River and Saint Mary’s Falls Canal, ¢P·¤*<=· Michigan, one hundred and seventy-five thousand dollars. Harbor of Re- For improving Harbor of Refuge, Lake Huron, Michigan, one hunf¤S°» LMB H¤¤>¤· dred thousand dollars. Saint Clair Riv- For improving Saint Clair River at mouth of Black River, Michigan, •=¤‘· one thousand five hundred dollars. Detroit River. For improving Detroit River, Michigan, one hundred thousand dollars. SnintClnirF1at¤. For improving Saint Clair Flats, Michigan, five thousand dollars. Saginaw River. For improving Saginaw River, Michigan, twenty-tive thousand dollars. Cheboygan. 1 For improving harbor at Cheboygan, Michigan, eight thousand dollars. Monroe. For improving harbor at Monroe, Michigan, two thousand five hundred dollars. Toledo. For improving harbor at Toledo, Ohio, fifty thousand dollars. Gnyendotte Riv· For the improvement of Guyaudotte River, West Virginia, two thou- °'- sand dollars. Raritan River. For the improvement of the Raritan River, New Jersey, two hundred thousand dollars. Blackwater Riv- For the improvement of Blackwater River, Virginia, five thousand ""· dollars. Hampton River. For the improvement of Hampton River, Virginia, ten thousand dollars. _Chicka.h orni ny For the improvement of Chickahominy River, Virginia, five thousand R“’°¤‘· dollars. Sabine River. For the improvement of the Narrows above Orange, on the Sabine River, Texas, and deepening the channel at the mouth of said river, ten thousand dollars. Trinity River. For deepening the channel at tho mouth of the Trinity River, Texas, and removing obstructions to Liberty, ten thousand dollars. Neches River. For deepening the channel at the mouth of the Neches River, Texas, and removing obstructions to Beaumont, eight thousand dollars. Pascagoula Riv- For improving Pascagoula. River. Mississippi, and deepening tho °"- channel at its mouth, ten thousand dollars.