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FORTY-FIFTH CONGRESS. Sess. II. Ch. 264. 1878. 159 J For improving Taunton River, Massachusetts, two thousand dollars. 'I`:»uut0u River. For improving Providence River, Rhode Island; Removing Bulkbead P r o vi d o n o c Rock, five thousand dollars. RiVs1‘· For improving Little Narragansett Bay, Rhode Island and Connecti- Little Narragancut, ten thousand dollars. sm Bey- For improving Providence River and Narragansett Bay, fifty thousand P r o vi d o n o c dollars. _ River- For the improvement of Echo Harbor, New Rochelle, New York, ten Echo Harbor. thousand dollars. For the improvement of Staten Island Sound, between New Jersey Staten Island and Staten Island, fifteen thousand dollars.S<>¤¤<l· ‘ For improving the harbor of Breton Bay, Leonardtown, Maryland, Breton Bay. five thousand dollars. d Iior improving the inner harbor at Cambridge, Maryland, five thousand Cambridge. o ars. For improving the harbors and channels at Washington and George- Washington and town, District of Columbia, fifty thousand dollars; of which sum twenty G€°'§*>*<>W¤· thousand dollars is to be expended in Washington harbor and channel below the Long Bridge, and thirty thousand dollars to be expended in Georgetown harbor and channel. For improving Connecticut River, below Hartford, Connecticut, thirty C on n c c o i o ut thousand dollars; of which sum five thousand dollars shall be used for RWM- dredging the river between Ilartiord and Middletown, and two thousand dollars for improving the mouth of Salmon River in the town of East Haddam. d Iior improving harbor at Stonington, Connecticut, forty thousand Stonington. o ars. For improving Thames River, Connecticut, ten thousand dollars. Thames River. For improving harbor at Miliord Connecticut, ten thousand dollars. Milford. For improving Housatonic River, Connecticut, Eve thousand dollars. RH o u s a 1; o n 1 o For improving harbor at Norwalk, Connecticut, six thousand dollars. liY1g;`Waik_ For improving harbor at Port Jelferson, Long Island Sound, New pm; Jager50E_ York, eight thousand dollars. For improving Hudson River, New York, seventy thousand dollars. Hudson River. For removing obstructions in East River and Hell Gate, New York, Hell Gate. three hundred and fifty thousand dollars. For improving Passaic River, New Jersey, ten thousand dollars. P¤sssi¤RiVs1‘. For improving East Chester Creek, New York, ten thousand dollars. Crlgglgt 0 lnester For improving harbor at Rondout, New York, thirty thousand dollars. R<>¤d<>¤¤· For improving harbor at Burlington, Vermont, twenty thousand dol- B¤1‘li¤2¤<>¤- lars. · For improving harbor at Swanton, Vermont, twenty thousand dollars. S"”*¤*>°¤· For improving Otter Creek, Vermont, eight thousand dollars. 0*** CF<=sk· For constructing piers in Delaware Bay, near Lewes, Delaware, twenty Lewes. thousand dollars. For improving harbor at Wilmington, Delaware, seven thousand dol- Wilmington. lars. · For improving Schuylkill River, Pennsylvania, thirty thousand dollars. Schuylkill River. lars. For improving Delaware River, below Bridesburg, one hundred thou- Delaware River. sand dollars. ‘ _ For improving Delaware River, between Trenton and \Vhite Hill, New Delaware River. Jersey, ten thousand dollars. For improving North and South Branches of Shrewsbury River, New s hr o w s b n r y Jersey, eighteen thousand dollars. R“’°"· For improving Cohansey Creek, New Jersey, Eve thousand dollars. G¤ha¤ssy GPs8k- For improving Des Moines Rapids, and operating the canal, ninety- dDss M<>¤1<>sR¤1>· five thousand dollars. _ I S' _ _ _ For improving Upper Mississippi River, from the mouth of the Illl- lérpsr Mxssnssln nois: Removal of snags and obstructions, forty-one thousand five hun- P1 ""*"· dred dollars. .