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FORTY-FIFTH CONGRESS. Sess. II. Ch. 264. 1878. 16] Sheepshead Bay, New York; Slieepskead Bay. Canarsie Bay, New York; Canarsie Bay. The Chattahoochee River, Georgia, above Columbus; Rcnattanoooliee IVE!'. The Flint River, Georgia, from Albany to Montezuma; Flint River. The Etowah River, Georgia; Etowali River. The Savannah River, above Augusta, Georgia.; Savannah River. The Fonche La Fave in Arkansas ; Fonclie La Fave. The harbor of San Luis Obispo, California, with a view to the practi- San Luis obispo. cability of building breakwater; The harbor of San Buenaventura, California, with a view to the San B¤cnavc¤· practicability of building breakwater; *’“'°·· The harbor of Santa Barbara, California, with a view to the practica- Santa Barbara. bility of building breakwater; The Mississippi River, to ascertain the practicability, cost, and utility St. Louis dike. of a dike from Bloody Island, opposite the city of Saint Loui , Missouri, north to the dike or dam opposite Brooklyn, on the Illinois shore; A survey and estimate of the damages, if any, done, or to be done, Damages at Vento riparian owners of lands, and improvements thereon, at or in front iwof the town of Venice, Illinois, near Saint Louis, Missouri, by reason of government improvements made, or to be made, at or near said town of Venice; Dan River, Virginia, from Clarksville, via Danville, Virginia, to Dan- Dan River. bury, North Carolina; Staunton River, from Roanoke Depot, in Charlotte County, Virginia, Staunton River. to Brookneal, in the county of Campbell, Virginia; New River, from the Lead Mines in Wythe County to the mouth of New River. Wilson in Grayson County, Virginia; The harbor at Quincy, lllinois; Quincy. Tones Bayou, Bayons Pierre and Wincey and Lakes Bayou Pierre TonesBayou,etc. and Cannasanier, Louisiana; Scituate Harbor, Massachusetts, with a view to its adaptability a a Scituate. harbor of refuge; Ton gapahoe River, Louisiana ; R_T o u g a p e li o e lV61‘. Wolf River, from Lake Boygan to Red River, Wisconsin ; Wolf River. The Arkansas River, from Fort Smith, Arkansas, to the mouth of Arkansas River. Little Arkansas; Woodbridge Creek, Middlesex County, New Jersey; Cxlydbridzc Elizabeth River, New Jersey; Elizabeth River. Rah way River, New Jersey ; Bahway River. Charles River, Massachusetts, to the head of tide-water; Charles River. Manasquan River New Jersey ; R_M a n a s qu an lV81‘• White River, Indiana, including the East Fork to the new bridge in White River. course of construction near Bedford, and the West Fork to the town of Gosport · Portage Lake, Manistee County, Michigan, with a view to its adapta- Portage Lake. bility as a harbor of refuge; VVestport Harbor, Massachusetts; Westport. Wood’s Holl, Massachusetts; Wood’s Hol]. Peedec River, from Cheraw, South Carolina, to the mouth of Uwharic Pecdee River. River, North Carolina; The bars at the entrance of Annapolis Harbor, Maryland, with a view Annapolis to accommodation of deep-draught vessels at low tide; West Branch of Patapsco River, Maryland, from Lightstreet bridge Patapsco River, to head of tide·water, and an estimate of the cost of making the same Wm B¤¤¤¢=b· navigable for canal-boats; The Kentucky River and navigable tributaries, Kentucky ; Kentucky River. The Licking River, Kentucky ; Licking River. The falls of the Cumberland, Kentucky; Cumberland Falls Clearwater River, Idaho; Clearwater River xx—ll