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FORTY-FIFTH CONGRESS. Sess. IH. Ch. 30, 33. 1879. 275 euted under the acts of Congress of June twentysecond, eighteen hun- 19<¤, dred and sixty, March second, eighteen lmndred and sixty-seven, and 12 Sm-= 9*- the first section of the act of June tenth, eighteen hundred and seventy- 186; °h· }84» two. providing for the adjustment of private l€lIl(l·0ltlllIlS in the States 1;__,mE‘°j4' of Florida. Louisiana and Missouri, the validity of the claim has been, {7'g{f, or shall be hereafter. recognized by the Supreme Court of the United " " States, and the (?0ll1`t has decreed that the plaintiff or plaintiffs is or are entitled to enter a certain number of acres upon the public lands of the United States, subject to private entry at one dollar and twenty-tive cents per acre. or to receive certificate of location for as much of the land the title to which has been established as has been disposed of by the United States, certificate of location shall be issued by the Commissioner Certificates o£1o- of the General Land Office, attested by the seal of said office, to be °¤*i°¤- locatcd as provided for in the sixth section of the aforesaid act of Congress of June twentysecond, eighteen hundred and sixty, or applied according to the proyisions of the second section of this act; and said SubdiviSi<>uS· certificate of location or scrip shall be subdivided according to the request of the confirmee or confirmees, and, as nearly as practicable, in conformity with the legal divisions and subdivisions of the public lands of the United States, Hllil shall be, and are hereby declared to be, assign- Assignable. able by deed or instrument of writing, according to the form and pursuant to regulations prescribed by the Commissioner of the General Land Office, so as to vest the assignee with all the rights of the original owners of the scrip, including the right to locate the scrip in his own name. SBC 2. That such scrip shall be received from actual settlers only in R<*<¤¢i*'{¤N¤ f¤f payment of pre-emption claims or in commutation of homestead claims, in the same manner and to the same extent as is now authorized by law‘ ' in the case of military bounty-land warrants. SEG 3. That the register of the properland-office, upon any such cer- _ EMU 1*P0¤€€d· tificate being located, shall issue, in the name of the party making the *"¥=Y‘· location, a certificate of entry, upon which, if it shall appear to the satisfaction of the Commissioner of the General Land Office that such certificate has been fairly obtained, according to the true intent and meaning of this act, a patent shall issue, as in other cases, in the name of the Patent. locator or his legal representative. SBC -1. That the provisions of this act respecting the assignment and Provisions expatenting of scrip and its application to pre-emption and homestead tendedclaims shall apply to the indemnity-certificates of location provided for by the act of the second of June, eighteen hundred and fifty-eight, en- 1SZ>S,c1i.e1, titled *‘An act to provide for the location of certain confirmed private U S*=**·»*94· land-claims in the State of Missouri, and for other p1u·poses." Approved, January 2S, 1879. CHAP. 33.-An act making appropriations to enable the Secretary of the Treasury to Jan. 29, 1879. carry out the provisions of section two hundred and fifty-four of the Revised Stat- ·r···———-—— utes, and to appropriate forty thousand dollars for the miscellaneous expenses of the House of Representatives, and for other purposes. Bo it enacted by the Senate and House of Representatives of the United States of America in Congress assembled, That to enable the Secretary of Appropriations. the Treasury to meet the expenses of the transportation of coin and bull- fT“}”¤P°““¤°” ion sixty thousand dollars is hereby appropriated out of any money in ° °°m‘ the Treasury not otherwise appropriated: Provided, that this appropria- Limit of cou. tion be made available on and after the passage of this act, and that the amount paid for the transportation of gold coin dom San Francisco to New York shall not exceed one fourth of one per cent, and for the transportation of silver one per cent, and for intermediate point at proportionatc rates corresponding to the distance. To meet the miscellaneous expenses of the House of Representatives House miscellato be disbursed by the clerk of the House the sum of forty thousand ¤¢<>¤¤ ·=¤p¤¤¤¤¤- dollars is hereby appropriated out of any money in the Treasury not