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282 FORTYFIFTH CONGRESS. Sess. III. Ch. 47, 48, 49. 1879. Puls. 4, 1879. CHAP. 47.-Au act for the relief of the Domestic and Indian Missions uml Sunday ——·——···— School Board of the Southern Baptist Convention Be it enacted by the Senate and House of Representatives of the United Apprnprmtion. States of America in Congress assembled, That the sum of two thousand five hundred and forty-six dollars and eighty-seven cents is appropriated out of any money in the Trcasmuy 1101: otherwise appropriated, for Educ amiga of the payment, to the Domestic und Indian Missions and Snmday School P9¤f¤W¤·*<>¤¤¤ 111- Board of the Southern Baptist Convention, the sum due under contract d‘““S‘ with the United States for clothing and tuition furnished to the pupils in the Pottawatomie mission-school in Kansas, for the quarters ending September thirticth, eighteen hundred and sixty, and December thirty- iirst, eighteen hundred and sixty. Approved, February 4, 1879. Feb. 4, 1879. CHAP. 48.-An act to create sm additional land-district in the Territory of Idaho Be it enacted by the Senate and House: of Representatives of the United States of Amcrku. in Congress assembled, That all that portion of the Ter- Idalyu. _ ritory of Idaho described and bounded as follows, namely: Commcuciug t 9;****1** la“d·‘hS· at the southeastern comer of said Territory: thence running west on the uc ‘ line between said Territory and the Tcrmtory of Utah to the line between ranges numbered twenty-three uml tW01lt}'·fol1I‘ cast, Boise mcridizm; thence north to the southern boundary of Lcmhi County; thence west to the western line of said Lcmhi County; thence north ou said western line of said county to the line between the Territories of Idaho and M011- tana; thence easterly 011 said Territorial line to the eastern boundary of the Territory of Idaho; thence south 011 the line of the eastern boundary of Idaho Territory to the place of beginning, shall constitute a separate land district, to be called Oneida land-district, the ohicc of which shall Proviso. ba located at Oxtbrd in Oneida County: Provided, The President of the United States may change the locutiou of said land-0i"1ice, from time to time, as the public interests may require. Register and re. Sec. 2. That the President shall appoint, by mud with the advice and ¢•’¤i\‘<‘1‘- consent of the Senate, O1` during the recess thereof, so register and n receiver of public moneys for said district; and said.0fHccrs shall reside in the place where said land-oficc is located, and shall have the same powers and responsibilities; and shall receive the same fees and emolumcuts as like officers now rcccivc in other laml-offices in said Territory. Un5,,;s;,cd busi- Sec. 3. That all persons in said district who, prior to the opening of ness. said Oneida land-officc, shall have iilcd their declaratory statements, or application for pre-cuxptiou, homestead, 0I` other land rights, in any landofficc, in said Territory of Idaho, shall hereafter make proofs £lI1(1CI1t1‘i€S at said Oneida land—0fficc; and all mxuished business in any other lzmdoiliuc relating exclusively to lands in said Onoidu laml-district shall be t1'E\]1Sf€1'1‘0(1 to said Oneida land offico when notiiicd by the officers 01`tlm opening thereof'. Approved, February 4, 1879. Feb. 6, 1879. CHAP. 49.-—A11 act duclurmory of the law relaxing to dusuunts and il111t'1`ii1lDC0 in the ——————— District of Columbia in certain CHBEB. Be it enacted by the Senate and House of Representatives of the United Distric? of Cv- States of America in Congress assembled, That the issue of any 1Il211‘1'i;`|{§0 “‘E‘“{‘· . . of colored persons contracted mul entered into according to mw custom mx of 1ul1cr1t- _ . . Z . V_ _ . ~ mm. and descent pres ailing ut the tune 111 any of the »Stutc¤ wlncxom the same occurred, as to colored per- shall, for all purposes of dcsccut and inhcritzmce uml the transmission S011S- of both mal and personal property within the District of Columbia, be deemed and held to be legitimate, and capable of ill1\C‘1'itiIlj§ and transmittiug inheritance, and taking as next of kin uml distrilmtcc according to luw, from and to their purcxnts, or either of t110m, and Hom and to