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FORTY-FIFTH CONGRESS. Sess. H1. OH. 49,*50, 65. 1879. 283 those frorn whom such parents, or either of them, may inherit or transmit inheritance, anything in the laws of such State to the contrary notwithstanding: Provided, That nothing herein shall be construed as Praveen. implying that any such marriage is not valid. or such issue legitimate for all other purposes. ' Sec. 2. This not shall take eifect and be in force from and after its passage. Approved, February 6, 1879. CHAP. 50.-An act relating to ta.x—salcs and taxes in the District of Columbia Fong, 1g7g_ . Be it cnacfcel by Hoc Scnafc and House of Representatives of the United States of America in Congress assembled, That it shall be the duty of the District of Co collector of taxes for the Districts of Columbia to prepare and keep in his 1¤m}>i¤. office, for public inspection, a list of lots and squares, arranged in numer- LM °f *“‘S¤1°¤- ical order, of all real estate in the city of Washington heretofore sold, · or which may lnereaiter be sold for the 110n-payment of any general or special tax or assessment levied or assessed upon the same, said list to show the date of sale and for what taxes sold; in whose name assessed at the time of sale; the amount for which the same was sold; when and to whom conveyed if dceded, 01-, if redeemed irom said sale, the date of redemption. And it shall be the duty ofsaid collector, whenever called COM iiicatg of upon, to furnish, in addition to the regular tax-bills, a certified state- taxes mm. ment, over his hand and official seal, of all taxes and assessments gcncral and special, that may be due and unpaid at the time of making said certiiicate, and which may in any manner be a lien upon any real estate located in said District; and for each and every eertiiieate so fumislaeal 1·‘cc. by said collector, the party requesting the same, shall pay into the treasury of said District a fee of fifty cents; and said certiticate when Efcch of ccrtiir furnished as aforesaid, shall be a bar to the collection and recovery, from me. any subsequent purchaser, of any tax or assessment omitted from and which may be a lien upon the real estate mentioned in said certiticate, and said lien shall be discliarged as to such subsequent purchaser but shall not aftect the liability of the person who owned the property at the time such tax was assessed to pay the same. And it is hereby declared Public records. that all public records which have any reference, or in any way relate, to real or personal property in said District, shall be open to the public for inspection tree of charge. Approved, February 6, 1879. CHAP. 65.-Au act authorizing the Windham National Bank to change its location. Fo1J_ 10, ]_379_ \Yl101‘CllS the stockholders of the Wiinalliain National Bank, now located memnble. at \Vindham Centre, in the town and county of Winclhain and State of Connecticut, representing more than lflll"(`*C—l`Ol1I't]lS of the capital of said bank, at a. meeting specially called far that purpose in the month of December, anno Domiui eighteen hundred and seventy-eight, did vote to change its location 'from Windham Centre to the village of \¢Villimantic, in the town and county of Windham and State aforesaid: Therefore, Be it enacted by the Senate and House of Representatives of the Umrczl States of America, in Congress assembled, That the Windham National w1¤ulmm Na- Bank new located at WVin<lha»m Centre, in the town and county of Win<l- ¤<>¤=>J B311k- ham and State of Connecticut, is hereby authorized to change its location Change of locato the village of Willimantio, in said town of "Windham and State atbre- *¤<>¤- said. Before changing its location as aforesaid, the president and cash- Certificate of ier of said bank shall execute a certificate, under the corporate seal of Twithe bank, specifying the action already taken by the stockholders of said bank and their determination as to such change of location, and shall -cause the same to be recorded in the office of the Comptroller of the Currency. And thereupon such change of location shall be effected,