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342 FORTY-FIFTH CONGRESS. Sess. III. Ch. 125. 1879. Duty Of llwrshal or persons in the act of operating an illicit distillery, it shall be lawful °’ d"l‘“*Y· for such marshal or deputy marshal to arrest such person or persons, and take him or them forthwith before some judicial officer named in section one thousand and fourteen of the Revised Statutes, who may reside in the county of arrest or if none, in that nearest to the place of R_S_1m4_ arrest, to be dealt with according to the provisions of sections ten hun- R. S. 1015. dred and fourteen, ten hundred and fifteen, ten hundred and sixteen of R- S- 1016- the said Revised Statutes. 1874, oh. 259, Sec. 10. That section one of an act entitled “An act to facilitate the 18 S“*”·· G4- exportation of distilled spirits, and amendatory of the acts in relation A'“°“d€d‘ thereto ", approved June ninth, eighteen hundred and seventy-four, be amended by inserting, after the word “therein" in the twelfth line, the lsxpomifspirits. words " and for the due performance on the part of the exporter or owner at the port. of export of all the requirements in regard to notice of export, entry, and the giving of bond hereinafter specified"; and at Change of pack- the end of said section add, “ and whenever a distiller of spirits in bond ¤€°· shall desire to change the packages in which the same is contained, in order to export them, the Commissioner of Internal Revenue shall be authorized, under regulations to be prescribed by him, and upon the execution of proper bonds with sufficient sureties, to permit the withdrawal of so much spirits from bond and in new packages as the distiller shall desire to export as aforesaid." R. S. 3340, That section thirty-three hundred and forty of the Revised Statutes Amended- be amended by striking out the words “ as aforesaid " in the sixth line. R. S. 3:244, That section thirty-two hundred and forty-four of Revised Statutes, Amended- and second division, be amended by adding thereto the following words: Dra whack on “Upon all stills manufactured for export, and actually exported, there Stills ~*¤<p<>rf<~>d· shall be allowed a ihawback, where the tax thereon has been paid, under such rules and regulations as the Commissioner of Internal Revenue, with the approval of the Secretary of the Treasury, shall prescribe? IMPORTED-LIQUOR STAMPS, &C. llnportedspirits, Sec. 11. That all distilled spirits, wines, and malt liquors, imported °*°· in pipes, hogsheads, tierces, barrels, casks, or other similar packages, shall be first placed in public store or bonded warehouse, and shall not lnspection, etc. be removed therefrom until the same shall have been inspected, marked, and branded by a United States customs-gauger, and a stamp afiixed to each package, indicating the date and particulars of such inspection; Form of stamp. and the Secretary of the Treasury is hereby authorized to prescribe the form ot, and provide, the requisite stamps, and to make all regulations which he may deem necessary and proper for carrying the foregoing F¤>¤‘f¢iturc for requirements into effect. Any pipe, hogshead, tierce, barrel, cask, or "°“‘S‘*‘“’l““8~ other package withdrawn from public store or bonded warehouse after the thirtieth day of June, eighteen hundred and seventy-nine, purporting to contain imported liquor, found without having thereon the stamp hereby required, shall be, with its contents, forfeited to the United Stamp for tilled States; and whenever any cask or package of imported distilled spirits I>¤¤k¤s¢‘¤· of not less than five wine-gallons is filled for shipment, sale, or delivery on the premises of any wholesale liquor-dealer, the same shall be stamped with a special stamp for imported spirits, under such rules and regulations as the Commissioner of Internal Revenue has prescribed, or may hereafter prescribe, in the case of domestic distilled spirits. Dvfacingstamps, Sec. 12. That every person who empties or draws oft, or causes to be °*°- emptied or drawn off, the contents of any package of imported liquors stamped as above required, shall, at the time of such emptying, effaee, obliterate, and destroy the stamp thereon, and also all other marks or brands which shall have been placed thereon in accordance with the law Using imported or regulations concerning imported liquors; and no cask or other packpackage f<>¤‘<l¤m¤¤- age, such as is hereinbefore mentioned, in which distilled spirits, wines, “° h‘¥“°"· or malt liquors have been imported, shall be used to contain domestic distilled spirits, under penalty of the forfeiture of such re-used cask or pack-