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FORTY-FIFTH CONGRESS. Sess. HI. Ch. 180. 1879. 357 Orman or run Snconn Assrsrnnr Posrmsrnn GENERAL.-For I¤1and_mai1 inland mail transportation, namely: For transportation by postal cars, *"'“S1‘°'““”°“· one million two hundred and nfty thousand dollars: Provided, That the Postmaster-General may use such portion of the postal-car service ap- _ Postal-car servpropriation as may be spared from it to supply any deficiency that may mb . . .; arise from insufficient appropriations in the item for railway transpor- °" rr ` tation: Prorided, That hereafter, in making his estimates thr railway mail service, the Postmaster General shall separate the estimate for ,5;;.,,,,,,,,. of 6,,;;. postal-car service from the general estimates; and in case any in- mating. crease or diminution of service by postal cars shall be made by him, the reasons therefor shall be given in his annual report next succeeding such increase or diminution. And the proviso to the act entitled “An 1878, eh. 10, act to provide for a deficiency in the appropriation for transportation of A”**’·259- mails by railroads for the fiscal year ending June thirtieth, eighteen hundred and seventy-nine", approved December twenty iirst, eighteen hundred and seventy eight, is hereby repealed: Proridcd, That the Post- Dqjioumcy promaster General shall make no deficiency in the appropriation for the mW6d- current iiscal year by placing postal cars on any hue. For transportation by railroad, nine million one hundred and fifty Railwayeerviee. thousand dollars; of which sum one hundred and fifty thousand dollars may be used by the Postmaster General to maintain and secure from railroads necessary and special facilities for the postal service, for the spoomiroointieo. tiscal year ending June thirtieth, eighteen hundr·ed and eighty, and sixteen thousand nine hundred and eighty-eight dollars and forty two cents to pay the balance due for salaries and expenses of the Special Commis- Eailway oomsion on Railway Mail Transportation. m¤¤¤*°¤· Llior transportation by steamboat routes, nine hundred thousand _ Steamboat servdollars. *°°· d For transportation on star routes, five million nine hundred thousand Star service. ollars. For compensation to railway post office clerks, one million three hun- Railway poetdr·ed and fifty thousand dollars: Provided, That postal clerks, route °fE‘°° °1°’k“· agents, and mail route messengers shall not be required to wear uni- Unt;·m·m,_ form other than a cap or badge. For route agents, one million one hundred and twenty five thousand Route agents. dollars. For mail route messengers, one hundred and seventy five thousand Mail *0**** m°¤· d 011 ars. S01lg€I'S. For local agents, one hundred and twenty thousand dollars. Local agents. For mail-messengers, six hundred and seventy-tive thousand dollars. Mail-messengers. For mail-locks and keys, fifteen thousand dollars. Mail-locks. For mailbags and mail-bag catchers, one hundred and eighty-tive Men-begs. thousand dollars. Orrrcn or rm; Tumn Assrsuur Posrrusrnn G·ENERAL.—FOP P¢>¤¤¤s¤-¤¢¤·mv¤· manufacture of adhesive postage-stamps, of official stamps, and of newspaper and periodical stamps, ninetytwo thousand dollars. If said stamps where to be made. _ can be furnished by the Bureau of Engraving and Printing of the Treasury Department, at less than the same now cost, the work of printing the same shall be given to said Bureau when not i11 violation of existing contracts. For pay of agent and assistants to distribute stamps, and expenses of the agency, eight thousand one hundred dollars. For manufacture of stamped envelopes and newspaper wrappers, four Stamped envelhundred and ninety thousand dollars. °P°¤· For pay of agent and assistants to distribute stamped envelopes and newspaper wrappers and expenses of agency, sixteen thousand dollars. For manufacture of postal cards, two hundred thousand dollars. And P°°*°1 °”d¤• the Postmaster-General is hereby authorized to furnish and issue to the public postal cards with postage stamps impressed upon them, for cir- International culation in the mails exchanged with foreign countries under the pro- 0******- visions of the Universal Postal Union Convention of June first, eighteen hundred and seventy eight, at a postage charge of two cents each, including the cost of their manufacture.