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360 FORTYPIFTH CONGRESS. Sess. lll. Ch. 180. 1879. be paid at the rate of one cent for each two ounces or fractional part thereof, and shall fully be prepaid by postage stamps aiiixedto said r.,,·e;_q» pubiim- matter. Printed matter other than books received in the mails from tions. foreign countries under the provisions of postal treaties or conventions shall be free of customs duty, and books which are admitted to the international mails exchanged under the provisions of the Universal Postal Union Convention may, when subject to customs duty, be delivered to addresses in the United States under such regulations for the collection of duties as may be agreed upon by the Secretary of the Treasury and the Postmaster General Circulars. Sec. 18. That the term “circular” is defined to be a printed letter, which, according to internal evidence, is being sent in identical terms to several persons. A circular shall not lose its character as such, when the date and the name of the addressed and of the sender shall be written therein, nor by the correction of mere typographical errors in writing. Printed Mem-. Sec. 19. That " printed matter" within the intendment of this act is defined to be the reproduction upon paper, by any process except that of handwriting, of any words, letters, characters, figures, or images, or of any combination thereof, not having the character of an actual and personal correspondence. Fourth dau. Sec. 20. That mailablc matter of the fo1u·th class shall embrace all matter not embraced in the first, second, or third class, which is not in its form or nature liable to destroy, deface, or otherwise damage the contents of the mail bag, or harm the person of any one engaged in the postal service, and is not above the weight provided by law, which is hereby declared to be not exceeding four pounds for each package thereof except in case of single books weighing in excess of that amount, and except for books and documents published or circulated by order of Con- !*'<>¤-m¤W¢¤?>l¢m¤¢- gross, or official matter emanating from any of the departments of the te? S 3893 government or from the Smithsonian Institution, or which is not declared 1gy6;ch_1g6, non mailablc under the provision of section thirty eight hundred and 19 Stat., 90. ninety three of the Revised Statutes as amended by the act of July twelfth, eighteen hundred and seventy six, or matter appertaining to lotteries, gift concerts, or traudulent schemes or devices. IMM- Sec. 21. That all matter of the fourth class shall be subject to examination and to a postage charge at the rate of one cent an ounce or fmction thereof, to be prepaid by stamps affixed. If any matter excluded from the mails by the preceding section of this act, except that declared R. S. ::893. non mailablc by section thirty eight hundred and ninety three of the f!¢7i¢‘<¤‘y vf mm- Revised Statutes as amended, shall, by inadvertence, reach the office of "“"'“°’*’ '"""""· destination, the same shall be delivered in accordance with its address: Proviuo. Provided, That the party addressed shall furnish the name and address of the sender to the postmaster at the office of delivery, who shall immediately report the facts to the Postmaster General. lf the person addressed refuse to give the required information, the postmaster shall hold the package subject to the order of the Postmaster General. All R. S. matter declared non mailablc by section thirty eight hundred and ninety three of the Revised Statutes as amended, which shall reach the offico of delivery, shall be held by the postmaster at the said office subject to the order of the Postmaster General. Addition w vw- Sec. 22. That mailablc matter of the second class shall contain no '"“"°'““ "'“”""· writing, print, mark, or sign thereon or therein in addition to the original print, except as herein provided, to wit, the name and address of the person to whom the matter shall be sent, and index iigures of subscription book, either written or printed, the printed tit-le of the publication, the printed name and address of the publisher or sender of the same, and written or printed words or figures or both, indicating the date on which the subscription to such matter will end. Upon matter of the third class, or upon the wrapper inelosing the same, the sender may write his own name or address thereon, with the word “irom" above and preceding the same, and in either case may make simple marks