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364 FORTY-FIFTH CONGRESS. Sess. IH. Ch. 181. 1879. East River and For removing obstructions in East River and Hell Gate, New York, H"]! 6***- two hundred and fifty thousand dollars. Eelro Harbor. For improving Echo Harbor, New Rochelle, New York, three thousand dollars. Plnttslmrg Har- For improving harbor at Plattsburg, New York, dredging, two thouhm`- sand dollars. Raritan River. For improving Raritan River, New Jersey, sixty thousand dollars. Superior larry. For improving Superior Bay, Wisconsin, five thousand dollars. Dnlmlr Harbor. For improving Duluth Harbor, Minnesota, twenty-tive thousand dollars. Passaic River. For improving Passaic River, New Jersey, two thousand dollars. East chester For improving East Chester Creek, New York, three thousand nve C“‘°k- hundred dollars. b Brglington Har- For improving harbor at Burlington, Vermont, fifteen thousand dol- °¤‘· '*· lars. Swanton Harbor. For improving harbor at Swanton, Vermont, six thousand dollars. Otter Creek. For improving Otter Creek, Vermont, five thousand dollars. Lewes pier. For constructing pier in Delaware Bay, near Lewes, Delaware, ten thousand five hundred dollars. Newcastle ree- For piers of ice-harbor at New Castle, Delaware, fxve thousand tive h==rl»··r· hundred dollars Wilmington Har- For improving harbor at Wilmington, Delaware, three thousand tive bor, Dol. five hundred dollars. Schuylkill River. For improving Schuylkill River, Pennsylvania, twenty-five thousand dollars. Delaware River. For improving Delaware River below Bridesburg, Pennsylvania, forty- five thousand dollars. . Delaware River. For improving Delaware River between Trenton and YVhite Hill, New Jersey, six thousand dollars. Allegheny River. For the improvement of the navigation of the Allegheny River from the mouth of French Creek to Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, ten thousand dollars Cohansey Creek. For improving Cohansey Creek, New Jersey, four thousand five hundred dollars. Baltimore H ar- For improving harbor at Baltimore, Maryland, one hundred and sixty bor. thousand dollars. Wi¤<>mi<·0Riv•rr. For improving \Vicomico River, Maryland, three thousand dollars. James River. For improving James River, Virginia, seventy-tive thousand dollars. Rn pp o m a t to x For improving Appomattox River, Virginia, twenty thousand dollars. l\'t*I`. _Great Kanawha For improving Great Kanawha River, West Virginia, one hundred R“`*"`· and fifty thousand dollars. Cope Foormver. For improving Cape Fear River, North Carolina, one hundred thousand dollars. Breton Boy. d For improving Breton Bay, Leonardtown, Maryland, four thousand ollars Nornoni Creek. For improving mouth of Nomoni Creek, Virginia, two thousand tive hundred dollars. Rluafrpahrrnnoek For improving Rappahannock River, Virginia, ten thousand dollars. - 'Q ‘. Norfolk Harbor. For improving harbor at Norfolk, Virginia, and its approaches, sev— enty-tive thousand dollars. w a e lr i rr g ton For improving the harbors and channels at YVashington and George- "*¤"*<>*- town, District of Columbia, fifty thousand dollars; of which sum twenty thousand dollars shall be expended in dredging the channel of the Potomac River between the Long Bridge and the United States Arsenal, oeorgerorm Har- and thirty thousand dollars shall be expended in Georgetown harbor l·°l‘· and channel ; and the whole of said sum of fifty thousand dollars is. hereby directed to he so expended as to produce the greatest immediate beneiit to navigation and commerce. _B l a c k w a t c r For improving Blackwater River, Virginia, two thousand five hundred. R“'°’· dollars.