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FORTYFIFTH CONGRESS. Sess. III. Ch. 181. 1879. 365 { For improving Neuso River, North Carolina, forty-tive thousand dol- Neuse River ars. For improving Hampton River, Virginia, two thousand dollars. Hampton River. For improving Chickahominy River. Virginia, one thousand dollars. R_Chickahominy 1V6X'. For improving French Broad River, North Carolina, five thousand _Fmnt-li Broad dollars. RWM- For improving Pamlico River, North Carolina, three thousand dollars. Pamlico River. For improving harbor at Edenton, North Carolina, one thousand dol- Edenton Harbor. lars. For improving harbor at Charleston, South Carolina, two hundred Charleston Harthousand dollars. bm"- S· O For improving harbor at Savannah, Georgia, one hundred thousand Savannah Hardollars. b°F· For improving inside passage between Fernandina and Saint John’s, lfornanilina and Florida, seven thousand dollars. ggé? John’s Pas For improving harbor at Cedar Keys, Florida, including removal of Cedar Keys Hap wrecks, iiiteen thousand dollars. l>°1'· For improving Choctawhatchee River, Florida and Alabama, nve Choctawhatchee thousand dollars. Ri"¢‘¤‘- For improving Alabama River, Alabama, thirty thousand dollars. Alabama River. For improving Chattahoochie, River, Georgia, fifteen thousand dol- Rcliattalioochio lm-S_ iver. For improving Flint River, Georgia, seven thousand dollars. Flint River. I For improving Saint Augustin’s Creek, Georgia, five thousand dol- C Saiint Augnstin’s aps_ PEG . For improving Warrior and Tombigbee Rivers, Alabama and Missis- W arrior and sippi, thirty thousand dollars; of which sum ten thousand dollars shall T0¤1bi8b6°RiV°!`$· be expended on the Tombigbee above Columbus, and twenty thousand dollars on the Warrior and Tombigbee below Columbus. For improving the Apalachicola River, Florida, including the slough A p alaoliioola connecting the Apalachicola with the Chippola River, five thousand Ri*’<=r·¤t¤- dollars. For improving New River from Lead Mines in W'ythe County, Vir- New River. ginia, to mouth of Greenbrier, twelve thousand dollars. For improving Pensacola Harbor, Florida, ten thousand dollars b Pensacola Har- Ol`. For improving harbor at New Orleans, Louisiana, sixty thousand New 0i-loans d0]]m·S_ Harbor. For deepening channel of Sabine Pass and at Blue Buck Bar, Texas, Sabine Pass. twenty-tive thousand dollars. For improving entrance to Galveston Harbor, Texas, one hundred Galveston Har. thousand dollars. bon For improving Narrows of Sabine River above Orange, Texas, and Sabine River. to deepen the channel at the mouth of the Sabine River, six thousand dollars For improving mouth of Trinity River, Texas, two thousand five Trinity River. hundred dollars. For improving mouth of N eches River, Texas, five thousand dollars. Neches River. For improving Passo Cavallo Inlet into Matagorda Bay, Texas, twenty- Passo C a v allo five thousand dollars. I¤l<>*- For examinations and surveys of South Pass of the Mississippi River: Examination To ascertain the depth of water and width of channel secured and Md Surveys of maintained from time to time by James B. Eads at the South Pass of S°“*h Pa"' the Mississippi River, and to enable the Secretary of \Var to report _ during the construction of the work the payments made from time to time, and the probable times of other payments, and to report during the construction of the work all important facts relating to the progress of the same, materials used, and the character and permanency with which the said jetties and auxiliary works are being constructed, as 18,5 eh_1;,, required by act approved March third, eighteen hundred and seventy- is sian, 463,,