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366 roirry-Fmrn ooxoruzss. sms. III. cn. isi. ism. 1878, ck- 313, ive, and act approved June nineteenth, eighteen hundred and seventy- A"'°`»168· eight, which impose on the engineer officer the duty of certifying to the correctness of expenditures for labor, material, and so forth, amounting to five hundred thousand dollars, to be paid Mr. Eads in monthly installments, twenty-four thousand dollars. _ _ Red River Raft. For removing raft in Iled River and closing Tones Bayou, Louisiana, fiftt en thousand dollars. Red River. For removing obstructions from Red River, Louisiana, twenty-two thousand five hundred dollars. Cypress Bayou- For improving Cypress Bayou, Texas and Louisiana, six thousand dollars. Rui given For improving mouth of Red River, Louisiana, forty thousand dollars. liississippi Ri- For improving harbor and the Mississippi River at Memphis, Tenver. nessee, thirty seven thousand dollars. Mississippi Ri- For improving Mississippi River at and near Vicksburg, and protecver. tion of harbor at Vicksburg, Mississippi, fifty thousand dollars. Oiisciiim Rf·€r_ d ger improving Ouachita River, Arkansas and Louisiana, ten thousand o ars Yazoo River. For improving Yazoo River, Mississippi, fifteen thousand dollars. Mississippi Ri- For annual expense of gauging the waters of the Mississippi River and ver. its tributaries: Continuing observation of the rise and fall of the river and 1811, res. 40, its chief tributaries, as required by joint resolution of February twenty- 16 Stat., 598. tirst, eighteen hundred and seventy-one, five thousand dollars. Mississippi, Mis- For improving Mississippi, Missouri, and Arkansas Rivers : Removing

  • {°““;. ami A*k‘*“" snags, sand-bars, wrecks, and other obstructions, and correcting and deepws Im US` ening the channel, one hundred and ninety thousand dollars; of which

sum one hundred thousand dollars shall be expended on the Mississippi River, sixty thousand dollars shall be expended on the Missouri River, and thirty thousand dollars shall be expended on the Arkansas River. Mississippi Ri- For improving Mississippi River from Saint Paul to Des Moines Ve;;, _, Rapids, one hundred thousand dollars: Provided, That not exceeding °"8°‘ twenty thousand dollars thereof may be used by the Secretary of War Adams Hume. in his discretion in making a practical test of the flume invented by M. J. Adams, the said test to be made under the supervision and direc- _ tion of said Adams, but without compensation to said Adams for his 1·»—m·¢sc. services; And provirlcelfcrtlzcr, That such test shall not be made u11til the right shall be secured to the United States to use said flume, in the event of the favorable result of said test, upon terms satisfactory to the Secretary of \Var. Missouri River- For survey of Missouri River from its mouth to Fort Benton, Montana, thirty thousand dollars. Missouri River- For improving Missouri River at or near Fort Leavenworth, ten thousand dollars. Arkewsss River. For improvement of Arkansas River, between Fort Smith, Arkansas, _ _ _ and Wichita, Kansas, twenty thousand dollars. M‘“°““ R“‘”· For improving Missouri River at Sioux City, Iowa, ten thousand dol- _ _ _ lars; which sum shall be available on the passage of this act. M]”°““ R“’0’· I Eor improving Missouri River at Atchison, Kansas, twenty thousand t dollars. Missouri RWM`- 1 hier improving Missouri River opposite Saint Joseph, nine thousand c dollars. Misssiifi Kiwi- For improving Missouri River at Eastport, Iowa, and at Nebraska. City, Nebraska, thirty thousand dollars. Missvuri River- For improving Missouri River at Council Bluffs, Iowa, and at Omaha, _ Nebraska., fifty thousand dollars. Missouri River. For improving Missouri River above mouth of the Yellowstone River, forty-five thousand dollars. vgiississippi Ri- for improving the Mississippi River between the mouths of the Illi- · nois and Ohio Rivers, two hundred thousand dollars; of which sum, fifteen thousand dollars sliah be expended between the mouths of the Illinois and Missouri Rivers, thirty thousand dollars between the toot of