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370 FORTY-FIFTH CONGRESS. Sess. III. Ch. 181. 187 9. Little Sodus Bay For improving harbor at Little Sodus Bay, New York, five thousand H=¤*>·¤- dollars. _ Oswego Harbor. For improving harbor at Oswego, New York, ninety thousand dollars. WilmingtonHar- For improving harbor at Wilmington, California, twelve thousand bor, Cal. dollars_ Sacramento Ri- For improving Sacramento River, California, twenty thousand dol- V°"· lars. Lower \Villam- For improving Lower Willamette and Columbia Rivers, from Portgffgstd C°l“m‘”'='· land, Oregon, to the sea, forty-nve thousand dollars. Uplper Willem- For improving Upper Willamette River, twelve thousand dollars. ctte iver. _ Upper Columbia For improving Upper Columbia River, including Snake River, twenty wd S¤¤k° Riw"- thousand dollars. Columbia C as - For constructing canal around the Cascades of Columbia River, one °”d“° Calm]- hundred thousand dollars. Columbia River For continuing the survey and observation of currents at the bar of lm- the mouth of the Columbia River, five thousand dollars. River-bank at For protection of river-bank at Fort Brown, Texas, seven thousand Fort Brown. (]0ll31'S Reservoirs at For examinations and surveys for reservoir at sources of the Missis- ¤9¤f?¢=¤ of Minis- sippi, Saint Croix, Chippewa, and Wisconsin Rivers: Completing sur-

 *“‘d °u‘°" “° vey, twenty-five thousand dollars.

Coos B e y and For improving the entrance to Coos Bay and harbor oi, Oregon, forty 1*****0*- thousand dollars. Lower ClearWa— For improving Lower Clearwater River, Idaho, five thousand dohars. ter River. Elk River. For improving Elk River, West Virginia, the sum of five thousand 1878, eb. 264, dollars, appropriated by the act of June eighteenth, eighteen hundred Am. 157- and seventy-eight, is directed to be expended in the removal of obstructions to open navigation from Braxton Court House to the mouth of Big Promo. Sandy; Provided, however, That not exceeding five hundred dollars thereof may be expended for the improvement of steamboat navigation at J arrett’s Ford, but in no way to obstruct navigation by boats and rafts. R Sou pp e rn o ii g For improving Scuppernong River, North Carolina, two thousand doliver. 13,;-S_ Miepillian Creek. For improving Mispillian Creek, Delaware, three thousand dollars. Delaware River. For improving Delaware River at or near Cherry Island Flats, one hundred thousand dollars. Kentucky River. For improving the Kentucky River from the mouth to Three Forks, according to estimate and report of Major Willi.*m1n E. Merrill, January fourteenth, eighteen hundred and seventy-nine, one hundred thousand dollars. C W lp o rl b ri rl g e For improving Woodbridge Creek, New Jersey, four thousand dollars. IBB . Elizabeth River. For improving Elizabeth River, New Jersey, to secure a seven-foot channel, seven thousand five hundred dollars. Rebway River. For improving Rahway River, New Jersey, deepening channel, and removing obstructions, ten thousand dollars. Fliislririg Boy. For improving Flushing Bay, New York, twenty thousand dollars. R_Y o 1 1 o w s t ori e For improving Yellowstone River, twenty-five thousand dollars. IVE!`. Mobile Harbor. For improving Mobile Harbor, to secure a seventeen-foot channel, one hundred thousand dollars. San Diego Her- For improving and repairing San Diego Harbor, California, one thoubor. sand dollars. Big Sunflower For improving Big Sunflower River, Mississippi, twenty-thousand River. dollars. Coldwaterkiver. For improving Coldwater River, Mississippi, seven thousand dollars. Riwrllahatchie For improving Tallahatchie River, Mississippi, six thousand dollars.