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FORTYFIFTH CONGRESS. Sess. III. Ch. 182. 1879. 379 and contingent expenses, including wharfage, towage, dockage, freight, advertising, surveys, labor, and miscellaneous expenses, which cannot be included under special heads, eight hundred and sixty thousand dollars. ENGRAVING AND PRINTING. For labor and expenses of engraving and printing, namely: For labor Ijlngraving and (by the day, piece, or contract ;, including labor of workmen skilled in Pmmug B“1`°°·“~ engraving, transferring, plate-printing, and other specialties necessary for carrying on the work of engraving and printing notes, bonds, and other securities of the United States, the pay for such labor to be iixed by the Secretary of the Treasury at rates not exceeding the rates usually paid for such work; and for other expenses of engraving and printing, notes, bonds, and other securities of the United States; for paper for notes, bonds, and other securities of the United States, including mill expenses, boxing and transportation; for materials other than paper required in the work of engraving and printing; for purchase of engravers’ tools, dies, rolls, and plates, and for machinery and repairs of same; and for expenses of operating macerating·machines for the destruction of the United States notes, bonds, national-bank notes, and other obligations of the United States authorized to be destroyed, three hundred and fifty thousand dollars. Expenses of removal of the Bureau of Engraving and Printing: For Expenses of reexpenses of removal of the machinery, furniture, and effects of the Bu- m°""·l· reau of Engraving and Printing from the Treasury Department building to the new building in course of erection for said bureau, when completed; and for the purchase and erection of such new machinery and tixtures as may be needed to complete the establishment of that bureau in the new building, including new boilers and a new engine, fifty thousand dollars. For payment of expenses of printing pension-checks for fiscal year Pension checks. eighteen hundred and seventy-nine, eight thousand five hundred dollars, and for the iiscal year eighteen hundred and eighty, nine thousand dollars. LIGHIMHOUSE ESTABLISHMENT. Keepers of light-houses: For salaries, fuel, rations, rent of quarters Keeperswhere necessary, and similar incidental expenses of nine hundred and seventy-five light-keepers and fog-signal keepers, five hundred and eightyfive thousand dollars. And the Secretary of the Treasury is herebyauthorized, in his discretion, upon the recommendation of the Light-House Board, to use any surplus portion of the said sum for the purchase of automatic, or other, fog—bells. _ Expenses of light-vessels: Seamen’s wages, rations, repairs, salaries, Lehi *’°SS°]¤-_ supplies, and incidental expenses of thirtyone light-ships, and the ex- E€”P“"'j’” °{ {”·¢"”· pense of maintaining the vessels of the light-house establishment, may ;,°Q{;f"” '°”” 8* I""" be paid from any surplus of the appropriation for the works, general or ` special, on which the respective vessels are, for the time being, employed; and the cost of repairs to such vessels may be paid from the appropria- Repairs. tion under which they respectively were employed when they were injured or became deteriorated to such an extent as to render the repairs necessary; or, if such appropriation be exhausted, then from the appropriation under which they are respectively to be next employed, two hundred and thirty thousand dollars. Buoyage: For expenses of raising, cleaning, painting, repairing, re- Biwyegemoving, and supplying losses of buoys, spindles, and day-beacons, and for chains, sinkers, and similar necessaries, three hundred and twenty-five thousand dollars. Fog-signals: For repairs and incidental expenses in renewing, estab· Fog signals. lishing, and improving fogsignals and buildings connected therewith, fifty thousand dollars.