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334 FORTY-FIFTH CONGRESS. Sess. III. Ch. 182. 1879. _F¤r‘¤i¤1¤¤, Mm- buildings, namely: Appraisers stores at San Francisco, court-houscand

  • ‘““"‘l· post-office at Atlanta, Georgia, and court-house and post-office at Little

Rock, Arkansas, one hundred and twenty thousand dollars. _ _ Custodians and Pay of custodians and janitors: For pay of custodians and Janitors j¤¤i*°*¤· for all public buildings under the control of the Treasury Department, ninety thousand dollars. _ _ Heating apparo- Heating apparatus for public buildings: For heating, vent1latlng, WS- and hoisting apparatus, and repairs of same, for all public buildings under the control of the Treasury Department, seventy-five thousand dollars. Vau1t¤,saf<->s,a¤<1 Vaults, safes, and locks for public buildings: For vaults safes, and 1°°k°· locks, and repairs of the same, for all public buildings under the control of the Treasury Department, fifty thousand dollars. Postr-oFF1oE AND ooUR’r-HoUs1l, NEW YORK. Alterations of Alterations required to be made to remedy the defective ventilation l;°¤’;°m°° N°“’ of the basement and first story, including the mezzanine iloor, thirty °" ‘ thousand dollars; extension of the mezzanine gallery, twelve thousand four hundred and sixty-four dollars and twenty-eight cents; total, forty- two thousand four hundred and sixty-four dollars and twenty-eight cents. . Plans for public Plans for public buildings: For photographing materials, and labor l>¤il<1i¤s¤- for duplicating plans for all public buildings under the control of the Treasury Department, one thousand five hundred dollars. Counterfeiti n g Suppressing counterfeiting and other crimes: For expenses of detect- ¤¤d <>tl¤<·>¤¤ crimes- ing and bringing to trial and punishment persons engaged in counterfeiting Treasury notes, bonds, national-bank notes, and other seciuities of the United States, as well as the coins of the United States, and other crimes against the government, and for no other purpose whatever, sixty thousand dollars. Compensation in Compensation in lieu of moieties: For compensation in lieu of moieties lim <>f¤¤<>i¢>¢i•>¤- in certain cases under the customs-revenue laws, twenty thousand dollars. Agonis at sool Salaries and traveling expenses of agents at seal—iisheries in Alaska: iislisrios. For one agent, three thousand six hundred and fifty dollars; one assistant agent, two thousand nine hundred and twenty dollars; two assistant agents, at two thousand one hundred and ninety dollars each; necessary traveling expenses of agents in going to and returning from Alaska, at six hundred dollars each per annum; in all, thirteen thousand three hundred and fifty dollars. Rebel archives. Examination of rebel archives and records of captiued property: To enable the Secretary of the Treasury to have the records of captured and abandoned property examined, and information furnished therefrom, for the use and protection of the government, five thousand dollars. q;;,,,,,;,,,,,,,,;..,,,,,. To enable the Secretary of the Treasury, in his discretion, to refund missions. excess of duties and to pay costs in suits and proceedings in "charges and commissions cases” in which judgments may hereafter be obtained, or which may be compromised by said Secretary, fifteen thousand dollars. E.rh·a pay to loan That section one hundred and seventy of the Revised Statutes of the $$6**8 in T>‘¢¢¢¤¤*U United States be so modified that the Secretary of the Treasury be, and "I§“g"°f%· hereby is, authorized, during the present fiscal year, to pay, out of the `' appropriation for refunding the national debt, a reasonable additional compensation to the clerks of his department who are actually elnployed upon the refunding of the national debt in addition to the usual business hours, and not exceeding five hundred dollars shall be allowed to any one individual, nor shall the aggregate of such allowances exceed ten thousand dollars. Limos, oro., of Lands and other property of the United States: For custody, care United States. and protection of lands and other property belonging to the United States, five thousand dollars.