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FORTY-FIFTH CONGRESS. Sess. IIL Ch. 182. 1879. 389 volunteer army during the war for the Union, is hereby continued and made available. For the purpose of payment of balance due for records, already pur- Coufgdgrata ,,,3,,, chased, of the late Confederate States of America, of Colonel Thomas ores. L. Snead, six thousand dollars, or so much thereof as may be necessary. For ofhcial postage stamps for the executive departments, as required pomgu 0m.,;,,,] under Postal Union, to prepay postage on matter addressed to Postal postage. Union countries, ten thousand dollars; to be available immediately. Support and improvement of the Leavenworth military prison, Fort Leavenworth Leavenworth, Kansas: For purchase of subsistence stores, oil, wicking, mlllmly P¤S°l*· and fuel for heating and cooking purposes and running machinery, forty four thousand dollars; For hay for prisoners’ beds; for blank books and stationery; for stoves and stove-pipe for use in buildings not heated by steam; for miscellaneous stores, drainage of grounds, disinfectants, and other general purposes, one thousand and forty dollars; For material for clothing for each prisoner on discharge; for payment of five dollars to each prisoner on discharge; for expenses of pursuing, and payment of rewards for apprehension and delivery, of escaped prisoners, three thousand five hundred dollars;' For hose for use in case of fire and for filling cisterns, and for tools and materials in shops, one thousand dollars; For tobacco for issue to prisoners on special and excessive hard labor, four hundred dollars; Por foreman and engineers, and mechanics and watchmen, and extra duty pay, seven thousand five hundred dollars; For extra duty pay to non-commissioned officers of prison guard; for extension to prison shops and repairs to prison buildings; for new buildings; for construction of ice house, ten thousand dollars; in all, sixty seven thousand feur hundred and forty dollars: Provided, That Jllallufdcm'? of the Secretary of War shall cause to be fabricated at the said prison ""Z""'"y *“J’i’l“"· such supplies for the Army as can be economically and properly manufactured at the said prison. United States Artillery School at Fortress Monroe, Virginia: To pro- Artillery Schoolvide for text books, drawing material, models, and material necessary in the science of engineering and of artillery, stationery, and miscellaneous necessaries for the use of the school, four thousand seven hundred and hfty dollars. ` For completion of the United States barrack buildings at Fortress BarraeksatFort— Monroe, Virginia, thirty four thousand dollars. mss M°‘“`°°· · To enable the Secretary of War to establish a military post in the Military post ni vicinity of Pagosa Springs, on the left bank of the San Juan River, in C°l°ml°· the State of Colorado, for the protection of the San Juan country, forty ‘ thousand dollars. _ To enable the Secretary of War to pay for rent of building at San _ Kelli of l¤¤l*l· Antonio, Texas, used as headquarters of the Department of Texas, from mw November hrst, eighteen hundred and seventy eight until June first, eighteen hundred and seventy nine, two thousand three hundred and ninety one dollars and sixty seven cents. Artificial limbs: For furnishing artificial limbs and appliances, or A1‘¢ifi0i¤lll¤¤bS· commutation therefor, and transportation, one hundred thousand dollars. Appliances for disabled soldiers: For providing surgical appliances Surgical =»ppli— for persons disabled in the military or naval service of the United States, “"’°S· not otherwise provided for, one thousand dollars. _ For rebuilding of eight sets of officers’ quarters at Madison Barracks, Maeliwii BM- Sacket’s Harbor, New York, destroyed by fire on November sixth, eight- ”'=°k*’· een hundred and seventy six, according to plans and specifications in the office of the Quartermaster General of the United States, twenty five thousand dollars. _ _ _ Support of transient paupers: For care, support, and medical treat- 'lwnsmii Pil·ll‘ ment of seventy five transient paupers, medical and surgical patients, l’"S·