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392 FORTY-FIFTH CONGRESS. Sess. III. Ch. 182. 1879. Pufvv l 0Ui¢<> Patent Office building: For the fire-proof reconstruction of the Patent b“‘m"‘“· Office building within the present walls, under the plans submitted to Congress by the Secretary of the Interior, one hundred and fifty thousand dollars, in addition to the unexpended balance of the amount ap- 1878, on. 3.50, propriated for this purpose by the act of J unc twentieth, eighteen hun- Aulc, 225. dred and seventy-eight, which is hereby made available for the purpose originally intended; to be expended under the supervision of a board consisting of the Commissioner of Patents, the Architect of the Capitol, and the Engineer in Charge of Public Buildings and Grounds. Repro du cing To pay the American Photolithographic Company, the sum of two Pilmli *l"i*""“€S· thousand dollars is hereby appropriated, or so much thereof as may be necessary, to enable the Commissioner of Patents to reimburse said company for the actual expenses it incurred in reproducing ten copies of drawings in eighteen hundred and sixty-nine and eighteen hundred and seventy. Court-housé, Repairs to court-house, Washington, District of Columbia; For an- W““l*“‘8'°°“» D- C- nual repairs to court-house in the city of \Vashington, and for new furnaces one thousand dollars. Agricultural De- Improvement of grounds, Department of Agriculture: For labor, new P*“'¤¤°¤* 8¤’°“"d¤- implements, purchase of trees for arboretum, and repairs of tools, six thousand five hundred dollars. Stable, etc. For stable and building for the better preservation of stock, tools, implements, grain, and so forth, one thousand five hundred dollars. PUBLIC LANDS. EXPENSES OF THE COLLECTION OF REVENUE FROM SALES OF PUBLIC LANDS B¢‘gi¤f¢*1‘¤¤¤d¤=— For salaries and commissions of registers of land-offices and receivers ·"°"°"· of public moneys, at ninety-four local land-oflices, three hundred and eighty-six thousand dollars. Incidental ex- For incidental expenses of the seveial land-ofiices, one hundred thou- P°“¤*¢¤· sand dollars Depositing awa- For expenses of depositing money received from the sale of public <>S¤· lands ten thousand dollars. Timber lands. To ineet expenses of protecting timber on the public lands forty thousand dollars, to be made available immediately. surveys. For surveying the public lands three hundred thousand dollars, to be available immediately. Private land- For surveying confirmed private land-claims in Califbrnia at the rates $211**8 ¤¤ C¤lii<>F· per mile prescribed by law, and office expenses, seven thousand five ‘· hundred dollars. W. A. Makin- For compensation to William A. McKinney for compiling the reports my- of the Committees of Private Land-Claims of the Senate and House ot' Representatives, from the Nineteenth Congress to the present time, and for making indexes and correcting proofs, the sum of seven hundred and fifty dollars in addition to his pay as clerk to the Committee on Private Land-Claims, which compilation is hereby ordered to be printed. For the preliminary survey of unconfirmed and survey of confirmed private land-claims in New Mexico at a rate not exceeding sixteen dollars per linear mile, and office expenses, ten thousand dollars. ljriva te land— For the preliminary survey of unconfirmed and survey of confirmed ¢l¤¤¤¤ M1 A¤Z<¤¤=¤- private land-claims in Arizona, at a rate not exceeding sixteen dollars per linear mile, and office expenses, fifteen thousand dollars. Testing surveys. Occasional examinations of public surveys in the several surveying districts, in order to test the accuracy of the work in the field, inspect mineral deposits, coal fields, timber districts, and so forth, eight thousand dollars Surveying bqun- Survey of the northern boundary of Wyoming Territory, being that d°“Y °f WY°’”*“·‘5· part of the forty-nfth parallel of north latitude included between the twenty-seventh and thirty-fourth meridians of west longitude from \Vashington Observatory, twenty thousand dollars.