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FORTY-FIFTH CONGRESS. Sess. I II. Ch. 182. 1879. 399 at Fort Wayne, Indiana/’ approved June eighteenth eighteen hundred E S. Courts in and seventy eight, be and the same is, amended to read as follows; I'°d'“”“· “ Sec. 2. That the clerk of the district court and the clerk of the circuit court for the district of Indiana, and the marshal and the district attorney for said district, shall perform the duties appertaining to their offices respectively for said courts; and the clerks of said courts and the marshal shall appoint deputies, to reside and keep their offices at Fort \Vayne, and who shall in the absence of their principals, do and perform all the duties appertaining to their said offices respectively" BOTANIC GARDEN. For improvements and repairs to the buildings and grounds of the Improyomont Botanic Garden, as follows; For two new boilers and additional pipe Md "°P‘“”· for conservatory and one propagating house, seven hundred and fifty dollars; slate tables for west wing of the conservatory to replace rotten wood, three hundred dollars; plumbing, two hundred dollars; painting and glazing, eight hundred dollars; carpenters work, three hundred dollars; concrete bottom and completing rim to fountain and curb for beds around the same, five hundred and fifty five dollars; hardware, one hundred dollars; concrete walks, one thousand two hundred dollars; brick work, one hundred dollars; soil to ull beds to conform to new grade, and for resetting and raising main walk, one thousand one hundred and ninety dollars; in all five thousand four hundred and ninety five dollars. PUBLIC PRINTING AND BINDING. For the public printing, for the public binding, and for paper for the _ P¤i¤¢i¤£. bindpublic printing, including the cost of printing the debates and proceed- ’“€· ‘““' P“P°’- ings of Congress in the Congressional Record, and for lithographing, mapping and engraving for both Houses of Congress, the Supreme Court of the United States, the Supreme Court of the District of Co— lumbia, the Court of Claims, the Library of Congress, and the departments, and for all the necessary materials which may be needed in the prosecution of the work, one million five hundred thousand dollars; and from the said sum hereby appropriated, printing and binding may be done by the Public Printer to the amounts following respectively, ` namely: For printing and binding for Congress, including the proceedings and Di¤¤‘ib¤l=i<>¤ of debates, seven hundred and fifty seven thousand dollars; for the State “pI"`°P“““°“· Department, fifteen thousand dollars; for the Treasury Department, one hundred and eighty thousand dollars; for the War Department, one hundred thousand dollars; for the Navy Department, thirty nine thousand dollars; for the Interior Department, one hundred and ninety one thousand dollars; for the Department of Justice, seven thousand dollars; for the Post Office Department, one hundred and forty thousand dollars; for the Agricultrual Department, eleven thousand dollars; for the Supreme Court of the United States thirty thousand dollars; for the Supreme Court of the District of Columbia, one thousand dollars· for the Court of Claims, ten thousand dollars; and for the Library of Congress, nineteen thousand dollars. _ For tire proof extension of the Government Printing Ofiiee building, EX*°¤¤*°¤! °f upon plans approved by the Architect of the Capitol, and the work to be §1°vg`fé:;“"t P'"' done under his direction, including heating apparatus and plumbing, said g ` appropriation to be available during the present fiscal year, forty three thousand eight hundred dollars; and any expenditure on a plan that shall cost a greater sum to complete it shall be deemed unlawful. For the purchase of portable fire extinguishers, one thousand dollars. F i re - B x t inafter competitive test of such apparatus as may be presented by the g“‘“h°”· agents or owners thereof For the annual rental and necessary repairs of the telephones and Tclcvphoucs. lines connecting the Capitol with the Government Printing Office and