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402 FORTY-FIFTH CONGRESS. Sess. III. C11. 182. 1879. he took an oath of office, the sum of one hundred and one dollars and ninety cents. M. M. Hm. To enable the Sergeant at Arms of the House to pay M M Herr thr ninety four days services as messenger in Sergeant at Arms office, four hundred and seventy dollars. H. W. spoiford. To pay H. W. Spoftord the balance of salary due him as clerk to the Committee on the Census from May thirteenth to January thirty first inclusive two hundred and sixty four dollars. Clerks to com- That the Clerk of the House of Representatives be, and he is hereby,

  • ”***°°S· authorized and directed to pay, out of the contingent fund, to the clerks

authorized to be employed by the resolution adopted by the House March seventh, eighteen hundred and seventy eight, such compensation as may be iixed by the Committee of Accounts, upon proper certification by the chairman of the respective committees named in said resolution, whether said clerks were sworn or not at the time they were respectively employed. Al*<>f¤¢i<>¤¤ of For making the necessary changes and alterations for the proper Hm °f H°“°°· heating, lighting, and ventilation of the Hall of the House of Representatives, according to the plans and specifications made by the Architect of the Capitol Extension, to be expended under the direction of the commission appointed by resolution of the House, thirty thousand dollars. A. Erdman. To enable the Clerk of the House of Representatives to pay A Erdman for services rendered by him in indexing and analyzing the testimony taken by the Committee on Public Expenditures in relation to the public printing and binding, three hundred dollars. - MISCELLANEOUS. Henlthbuhctinm To meet the expenses of collecting the data upon which to prepare bulletins of health, to be issued from the office of the Surgeon General of the United States Marine Hospital, five thousand dollars, under direction of the Secretary of the Treasury; to be paid out of the permanent appropriation for the above service. J. C. Myers. To enable the Secretary of State to pay John C. Myers late consul general at Shanghai, in full compensation for amount due him on settlement of his accounts, two thousand two hundred and eighty three dollars and eighty one cents. A. D. Shaw. To reimburse A. D. Shaw, late consul at Toronto, the sum of six hundred and thirty three dollars and thirty seven cents, that being the amount of government funds deposited by him in the banking house of H. J. Morris and Company of Toronto, at the date of their failure in eighteen hundred and seventy three, no part of which has been reimbursed to him. D. L. Smith. To pay David L. Smith, late captain and assistant quartermaster in the United States Army, eight hundred and sixty nine dollars and forty seven cents, on account of subsistence of the Army, eighteen hundred and seventy one, and prior years, as per Comptroller’s report number one thousand five hundred and ninety seven, January sixteenth, eighteen hundred and seventy nine. W. Beantor. To reimburse Wihiam Beantor, of Oregon, for moneys taken from him under the rules of the military prison at Fort Alcatraz, California, in eighteen hundred and seventy seven, by First Lieutenant Vifilliam W. Fleming, Twelfth Infantry, and then treasurer of said prison, and which amount was subsequently embezzled by said Fleming, the sum of nine hundred and ninety two dollars and nfty seven cents Bounty, gw., to Sec. 2. That all sums due upon certiticates issued, or which may be °°l°"°d WWW"- issued by the accounting ofricers of the Treasury i11 settlement of claims for pay, bounty, prize money, or other moneys due to colored soldiers, sailors or marines, or their legal representatives, shall be paid by the officers of the Pay Department of the Army, under the direction of the Paymaster General, who is already charged with the payment of like dues to white soldiers: Provided, jirst, That no such certificate shall be