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FORTY-FIFTH CONGRESS. Sess. III. Ch. 182. 1879. 403 issued until it shall have been ascertained that the application is made Identify of claimby the original claimant, or, if he be dead, by his true living legal repre- “"‘· sentative, nor until the identity of such claimant or representative as the case may be, shall have been duly established: Provided, That if Attorneya’ fm. an agent or attorney be employed, the allowance for his services shall not in any case exceed that contemplated in the scale of fees and allowances fixed by the second section of a joint resolution approved July twenty sixth, eighteen hundred and sixty six, entitled “Joint resolution 1866, res. 86, amendatory of a joint resolution respecting bounties to colored soldiers, 14 Stat, 368- and the pensions, bounties, and allowances to their heirs ", approved June fifteenth, eighteen hundred and sixty six, and such allowance shall 1866, ms. 46, be stated in a separate certincate in favor of the agent or attorney 14 Stat., 357. simultaneously with the issue of a certificate for the amount due the claimant: Provided further, That the amount due the claimant, or his Payments to living representative, or the balance due after deducting the attorney’s °l¤iM"**· fee, if any, shall be paid only to the party named in the certificate, and in current funds or by post office money order, and not by checks or drafts; an no power of attorney, transfer or assignment of the amount of such claims, or any part thereof, shall in any case be recognized; and the sum of four thousand dollars, or so much thereof as may be Expenses. necessary, is appropriated for the hscal year ending June thirtieth, eighteen hundred and seventy nine, and ten thousand dollars for the fiscal year ending June thirtieth, eighteen hundred and eighty, to meet the expenses incurred on account of payment of these claims, for salaries of agents and clerks, rent of offices, fuel and lights, stationery and printing, office furniture, ,mileage and transportation of officers and agents, telegraphing, postage and post office money orders ; and the sum of fifty thousand dollars is hereby appropriated, under Pay of volunthe title "Pay of two and three years’ volunteers reappropriated" for *°<*Y¤· the payment of such of the claims in question as may be covered by Treasury certificates issued after the passage of this act, and previous to July first, eighteen hundred and eighty: And provided further, That the sum or sums now held by the Treasurer Disposition of oo}- of the United States, turned over to him under the Attorney General’s °1’{,f*d b°""*-Vf'"'d "' decision of December thirtieth, eighteen hundred and seventy eight, by °“"°ty‘ the chief disbursing officer of the Freedmen’s Branch of the Adjutant General’s Office, as the balance in said officer’s hands of moneys due and unpaid on account of adjusted claims of the class contemplated in the first clause of this section, shall be turned over to the paymaster who may be charged by the Paymaster General with the payment of such claims, to be by him paid to the proper claimants under the restrictions imposed in said section. DISTRICT OF COLUMBIA Sno 3. That the sum of one million six hundred and thirty two thou- Unitod States sand ninety eight dollars and seventy eight cents be, and is hereby h“1f°f °X1"’“°’°*’· appropriated for the purpose of paying one half of the estimated expenses of the government of the District of Columbia. for the fiscal year ending June thirtieth, eighteen hundred and eighty, namely: For improvements and repairs, as follows: Work on Boundary street ImP*Q"°¤1°¤¤¤ auxiliary sewer, one hundred thousand dollars; lateral sewers, fifteen md "p"S‘ thousand dollars; work upon sundry avenues and streets, one hundred thousand dollars ; replacement of pavements, at not to exceed two dollars and twenty five cents per square yard, one hundred and fifty thousand dollars ; repairs to concrete pavements, one hundred thousand dollars; material issued 1'or permit work, fifteen thousand dollars; in all, four hundred and eighty thousand dollars. For constructing, repairing, and maintaining bridges as follows: Bridgow Ordinary care of Benning’s, Anacostia, and Chain bridges, including fuel, oil, lamps, matches, and so forth, one thousand two hundred dollars; replanking and painting Chain bridge, two thousand ive hundred dol-