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404 FORTYFIFTH CONGRESS. Sess. IH. C11. 182. 1879. lars · repairing Benning’s bridge and its carriage ways, two thousand tive hundred dollars; raising embankments of Anacostia bridge and repairing piers and abutments, three thousand dollars; repairs of Rock Creek bridges, one thousand dollars; in all ten thousand two hundred dollars: D-are rm Ana.- And one of the two railroad tracks now on said Anacostia bridge shall

  • 0***** ***19*- be at once removed.

Charities, ece. For maintaining institutions of charity, reformatories, and prisons, as follows: W ==¤ Sh Mgt ¤¤ Washington Asylum: One commissioner, two hundred dollars; one A“Yl“m· intendant, nine hundred and sixty dollars; one matron six hundred dollars; one visiting physician, one thousand two hundred dollars; one resident physician, four hundred and eighty dollars ; one resident phy- sician, three hundred and sixty dollars; one clerk, four hundred and eighty dollars; one baker, four hundred and twenty dollars; six overseers, at six hundred dollars each, three thousand six hundred dollars; one watchman, three hundred dollars; three watchmen, at one hundred and eighty dollars each, five hundred and forty dollars; one driver, one hundred and twenty dollars; one hostler, sixty dollars; one cook, one hundred and twenty dollars; two cooks, at sixty dollars each, one hundred and twenty dollars; nve nurses, at sixty dollars each three hundred dollars; contingent expenses, mcluding provisions, fuel, forage, lumber, hardware, shoes, dry goods, medicines, and miscellaneous items, thirty five thousand three hundred dollars · total Washingto11 Asylum, forty five thousand one hundred and sixty dollars; Goorgotown Georgetown Almshouse: Support of inmates, one thousand eight A1¤¤¤h¤¤¤¤- hundred uenrns; Insane Asylum. Hospital for the Insane: Board and clothing of inmates, seventeen thousand dollars; 'Prausportatiou Transportation of paupers and conveying prisoners to workhouse, two °f1>¤¤P°’¤» °*°· thousand five hundred dollars; Reform School. Reform School, District of Columbia; Salaries fuel and incidentals, 1876, eh. 90, repairs and improvements, twenty thousand dollars; and section thir- 19 St¤*·» 51- teen of the act entitled “An act revising and amending the various acts establishing and relating to the Reform School of the District of Columbia, approved May third, eighteen hundred and seventy six", is hereby continued in full force; Lyioz in ASF- For the support and maintenance of the Columbia Hospital for Women l““‘· and Lying in Asylum, twelve thousand dollars; _C1111<1¤‘¤¤’¤ H<>¤- For the support and maintenance of the Children’s Hospital, fave 1“t°r thousand dollars; fmS:g¤;=yf;¤;¤’¤ In- For Saint A.nn’s Infant Asylum, five thousand dollars; Sc{1¤;<1)¤;¤t¤'1¤11‘1°¤¤¤ For the Industrial Home School, five thousand dollars; Colored women For the National Association for Colored Women and Children, six

  • 1***1 °h11‘11`°1r thousand five hundred dollars;

Women’s Chris- For the Women’s Christian Association, five thousand dollars tian Association. Relief ofpoor. Relief of the poor, fifteen thousand dollars; in all, one hundred and thirty eight thousand three hundred dollars. siéloward Univer- Howard University, for maintenance, ten thousand dollars. Aqueduct. For the Washington Aqueduct, as follows; Engineering, maintenance, and general repairs, twenty thousand dollars. GENERAL EXPENSES. bigaggies and con- For salaries and contingent expenses, as follows; Executive emee. Executive office proper: Two Commissioners, at five thousand dollars each, ten thousand dollars; one secretary two thousand one hundred and sixty dollars; one clerk, one thousand five hundred dollars; one clerk, one thousand four hundred and forty dollars; two temporary