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412 ron·rY-r··mrn oonennss. srss. 111. ou. rss. ism. Justin Colburn- To enable the Secretary of State to make such allowance as he shall deem just and equitable to Mary E. Colburn, widow of the late Justin E. Colburn, late consul- general to Mexico, for the extraordinary expenses and losses incurred by the estate of the said consul-general in consequence of his dying within a short period after his arrival at his post of duty, the sum of two thousand dollars be, and the same_is hereby appropriated, out of any money in the Treasury not otherwise appropriated. TREASURY DEPARTMENT. TERBITORIAL GOVERNMENTS. For certain amounts fully set forth in detail on pages three, four, five, six and seven of House Executive Document Number Thirty one, Forty- fifth Congress, third session, being letter of the Secretary of the Treasury transmitting estimates of appropriations required by the various departments to complete the service of the fiscal year ending June thirtieth, eighteen hundred and seventy nine, and prior years: Territorial or- For the legislative and contingent expenses of the Territories, as fol- P°¤¤°¤· lows: Dakota. For the Territory of Dakota,)gne thousand three hundred and ninety nine dollars and ninety cents, ing for the fiscal year eightexen hundred and seventy seven. Idahm For the Territory of Idaho, for eighteen hundred and seventy seven, one thousand seven hundred and twenty seven dollars and fourteen cents; for eighteen hundred and seventy eight two hundred and fifty dollars; and for eighteen hundred and seventy nine, four thousand eight hundred and fifty eight dollars; in all, six thousand eight hundred and thirty five dollars and fourteen cents. Montana. For the Territory of Montana, two thousand four hundred and fifty eight dollars. Wyoming- For the Territory of Wyoming, for eighteen hundred and seventy seven, four hundred and forty six dollars and thirty three cents; and for eighteen hundred and seventy eight, three thousand three hundred and fifty nine dollars and fifty four cents; in all, three thousand eight hundred and five dollars and eighty seven cents. New Mexico. For the Territory of N ew-Mexico, eight hundred dollars, being for the fiscal year eighteen hundred and seventy eight. L¢‘@SI¤’¤iV¤ cx- For legislative expenses, namely: For compensation and mileage of P°““S· the members of the legislative assembly, officers, and clerks, and contingent expenses thereof, and for rent, light, fuel, printing, stationery and incidentals, being deiiciencies for the fiscal year eighteen hundred and seventy nine, for the following Territories, namely: Arizona. For Arizona, four thousand two hundred and twenty dollars; for Da- }E{l‘:f“· kota, five thousand six hundred and eighty dollars; for Idaho, five M,,,,,,j,,,,_ thousand six hundred and eighty dollars; and for Montana, five thousand six hundred and eighty dollars. MISCELLANEOUS. m€;’;‘;g§° md °°" Checks and certificates of deposit, Independent Treasury: For a new supply of cheeks to be used in the place of coin-checks now on hand and rendered useless under the operations of the resumption act, and for the increased number of checks now used in the redemption of United States bonds, and in the payment of interest under the diiferent loans, two thousand dollars. in P;:?"; That upon the request of the head of any department, the Secretary cm °V¤ of War be, and he hereby is, authorized and directed to issue arms and ammunition whenever they may be required for the protection of the public money and property, and they may be delivered to any officer of the department designated by the head of such department, to be nocounted for to the Secretary of War, and to be returneel when the neces-