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FORTY-FIFTH CONGRESS. Sess. III. Ch. 183. 1879. 417 trict of Columbia, as established by the act approved June eleventh, 1878, ch.180, eighteen hundred and seventy-eight, the said amount taken in connec- A"’”· 104- tion with the one million two hundred and ‘-fifty thousand dollars appropriated by the act of June twentieth, eighteen hundred and seventy- 1878, oh. 359, eight, for the general expenses of the District of Columbia, being fifty Ama 208- per centum of the expenses of the government of the District of Columbia for the fiscal year ending June thirtieth, eighteen hundred and seventy-nine; and all said appropriations shall be expended in accordance with the estimates of the Commissioners of said District, approved by the Secretary of the Treasury: Provided, That so much of the act " making pmmm appropriations for sundry civil expenses of the government for the fiscal year ending June thirtieth. eighteen hundred and seventy-nine, and for 1878, C11_ 359, other purposes ", approved June twentieth, eighteen hundred and sev- Aviv, 208. enty-eight, which makes an appropriation for the expenses of the Reform School of the District of Columbia, shall not be considered as modifying or repealing the thirteenth section of the act entitled “An act revising 1371;, C11_ go, and amending the various acts establishing and relating to the Reform 19 Stat., 49. School of the District of Columbia ", approved May third, eighteen hundred and seventy-six. PUBLIC PRINTING For the public printing and binding, and for paper for the public print- _P ri u tin g and ing, including the cost of printing the debates and proceedings of Con- b‘”‘h”8· gress in the Congressional Record, and for lithographing, mapping, and engraving, the amounts following, namely: For printing and binding for Congress, one hundred and eighty thou- Distribution. sand dollars; for the Treasury Department, fifty thousand dollars; for the YVar Department, twenty thousand dollars; for the Interior Department, forty thousand dollars; for the Post-Onice Department, thirty thousand dollars; for the Library of Congress, ten thousand dollars; for the Supreme Court of the United States, twenty thousand dollars; in all, three hundred and fifty thousand dollars. MISCELLANEOUS. To enable the Secretary of the Treasury to refund the duties paid by $0*** Mi¢h=~wl’¤ the trustees of Saint Michael’s Church of Charleston, South Carolina, on g;"§l‘é Cl‘”l°“' a chime of eight bells imported into the port of Charleston, one thousand ’ " ` tive hundred and eighty-eight dollars and sixty-five cents. To pay the heirs of A. B. Brown, formerly light-keeper at Barnegat, A. B. Brown. New Jersey, for services from January first to March first, eighteen hundred and sixty-six, thirty-eight dollars and thirty-one cents. Smithsonian Institution: For the preservation of the specimens of the _Snii_t1iso¤ian In- United States surveying and exploring expeditions, eighteen hundred S**i“**°¤- and seventy-nine, four thousand dollars. To pay John A. Torrence, the sum of four hundred and nfty-eight J.A.Torrence. dollars and ninety-tive cents, the amount due him as receiver of public - moneys at Harrison, Arkansas: Provided, That of this sum one hundred Proriao. and sixty-four dollars and fifty-tive cents shall be credited to his account as disbursing agent by the proper accounting officers of the Treasury, and the remainder paid to him. HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVES. To enable the Clerk of the House to reimburse N. G. Ordway, late N- G- or<lw=~y. Sergeantat-Arms of the House, the amount of sundry bills paid by him for the House of Representatives, one thousand three hundred and five dollars and fifty-eight cents: Provided, Said bills be approved by the Proviso. Committee on Accounts. To enable the Clerk of the House to pay certain accounts properly House continchargeable to the miscellaneous items of the contingent fund of the Swixx-—27