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418 F ORTY-FIFTH CONGRESS. Sess. III. Ch. 183. 1879. House for the fiscal years ending June thirtieth, eighteen hundred and seventy-six, eighteen hundred and seventy-seven. and eighteen hundred and seventy-eight, respectively, one thousand five hundred dollars, or so much thereof as may be necessary. Robert Coates To enable the Clerk of the House of Representatives to pay the follow- °“d °*h'”`°· ing-named persons, for services rendered in the Doorkeeper’s department during the Forty-fourth Congress, the amounts specified, to w1t:_ To Robert Coates, the sum of two hundred and ten dollars, for services rendered from August fifteenth to first day of December, eighteen hundred and seventy-six; to Charles Carter, J. Cook Nickens, James Hall, and Henry Hall, each the sum of one hundred and eighty dollars, for services from the mst day of September to the first day of December, eighteen hundred and seventy-six; in all, nine hundred and thirty dollars. C. J. Wiener-. To pay Charles J. Wiener for services as clerk to the Committee on Printing during the recess of Congress, in the year eighteen hundred and seventy-eight, said committee being authorized by resolution of the House to sit during the recess, thirty days, at six dollars per day, one hrmdred and eighty dollars. SENATE. Homes, etc. For horses and mail wagon s, four hundred dollars. Fumimm. For furniture and repairs, two thousand dollars. I·‘¤mers. For pay of thlders, one thousand three hundred dollars. Packing boxes. For packing-boxes, one hundred and seventy dollars. _ Miscellaneous For miscellaneous items; that is to say: For expenses of Committee •*°m¤· on Transportation Routes to the Seaboard, in taking testimony concerning claim of James B. Eads; Committee on Agriculture, taking testimony concerning cattle diseases; Select Committee on claims of citizens against Nicaragua; Select Committee concerning removal of Cheyenne Indians; compensation of Joseph Segar; Committee on the District of Columbia, inquiring as to plan of sewerage in the District; and sundry other expenses of the Senate, twenty-seven thousand and five hundred dollars. C¤¤ti¤1;¢¤t- That the sum of ten thousand dollars be, and the same hereby is, appropriated out of any money in the Treasury not otherwise appropriated; which sum shall be placed to the credit of the contingent iimd of the Senate, to be applied toward defraying the expeus es of such investigations and inquiries as have already been, or may hereafter be, directed by the Senate during the Forty-fifth Congress. H. C. Cleary. For payment to H. C. Creary, for services as a page in the Senate from December seventeenth, eighteen hundred and seventy-eight to March thirty-nrst, eighteen hundred and seventy-nine, at two dollars and fifty cents per day, two hundred and sixty-two dollars and fifty cents. 0. H. West. For payment to C. H. West, for services as a page in the Senate from · December fourteenth, eighteen hundred and seventy-eight, to March thirty-tirst, eighteen hundred and seventy-nine, at two dollars and fifty cents per day, two hundred and seventy dollars. L. Iliuleuton. For payment to Lord Harleston, as a special messenger on the iloor of the Senate, from December second, eighteen hundred and seventy- eight, to March thirty-iirst eighteen hundred and seventy-nine, at the rate of one thousand four hundred and forty dollars per annum, four hundred and seventyseven dollars and thirty-nine cents. H. French. To pay Howard French as clerk in the Sergeant-at-Arms’s office during the fiscal year eighteen hundred and seventy-nine at the same rate as committee clerks, such sum as may be necessary for that purpose is hereby appropriated. F. Beal! and To enable the Secretary of the Senate to pay to Fillmore Beall, J. C. °*~l¤¤¤‘¤· Robertson, and Daniel Shepperd, each for twenty-six days’ services as clerks to Senate committees in the second session of the Fortyfourth