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FORTY·FIFTH CONGRESS. Sess. Ill. Ch. 183. 1879. 419 Congress, at the rate of six dollars per day, fom· hundred and sixty-eight dollars; this being the difference between fom months’ pay, as author- pm; ,,h_Q8·; ized by the act of August fifteenth, eighteen hundred and seventy-six, 19 stat., 146. and the amounts actually received by these parties. To enable the Secretary of the Senate to pay George W. Wales for G. W. Wales. clerical services rendered to the Select Committee on the Tenth Census for the month of November, eighteen hundred and seventy-eight, one hundred and eighty dollars. That the employees of the Senate who have served during the present Senate employees. fiscal year shall be paid their respective salaries out of the fund already appropriated for such service from the time they entered upon their duties until the time of their taking the oath required by law. That when any duty is imposed upon a committee of the Senate in- Advarwerjarsenvolving expenses which are ordered to be paid out of the contingent *1*6 ¢0mmW<¢¢ wvfund of the Senate, upon vouchers to be approved by the chairman of P'"'"'- the committee charged with such duty, the receipt of the chairman of such committee for any sum paid to him or his order out of said contingent fund by the Secretary of the Senate shall be taken and passed by the accounting officers of the Treasury as a full and sufficient voucher; but it shall be the duty of such chairman, as soon as practicable, to furnish vouchers in detail for the disbursement of such moneys to the Secretary of the Senate, who shall tile them with the accounting officers aforesaid; and this provision shall apply to all cases in which orders of the Senate have already been made. That Senators elected, whose term of office begins March fourth, eight- Pay of swam: een hundred and seventy-nine, and whose credentials in due form of law dw'- have been presented in the Senate, or may be deposited with the Secretary of the Senate, may receive their compensation monthly from the beginning of their term nmtil the beginning of the first session of the next Congress. To enable the Secretary of the Senate to pay George P. Bradstreet G. P. Bradstreet for clerical services rendered the Committee of the Senate to inquire into matters touching the late Presidential election in Louisiana, the sum of sixty dollars. To enable the Secretary of the Senate to pay George A. Clarke, for G. A. Clarke. his services as messenger in the office of official reporters of the Senate, during the Hscal year ending June thirtieth, eighteen hundred and seventy-nine, the sum of eleven hundred and twenty-three dollars and thirty cents, the same being the salary of a mail-carrier of the Senate, less the amount already received by him on account of said services. ‘ For the payment of the following named persons for reporting testi- Reporting testimony before committees of the House of Representatives at the third m°¤Y· session of the Forty-fifth Congress (at times when the official stenographcrs were engaged with other committees), to wit: Joseph I. Gilbert, E. W. Grant, E. C. Bartlett, E. D. Easton, C. J. Hayes, and William F. Bouyuge, three thousand seven hundred dollars, or so much thereof as may be necessary, on accounts to be rendered by them respectively, certified by the official stenographers for the' committees of the House and approved by the chairman of the several committees for which the work was done and by the Committee of Accounts. To pay Henry G. Hays and Andrew Devine, official stenographers for H. G. Hays. committees of the House of Representatives, the difference between A- D°“¤°· their compensation as fixed by law and actually received by them during the fiscal year ending June thirtieth, eighteen hundred and seventy- six, and in the months of July and August eighteen hundred and seventy-six, nine hundred dollars each, eighteen hundred dollars. To pay J. C. Kondruss for services as messenger to the official report- J. C Keudruss. ers of debates during the present session, two hundred and fifty dollars.