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422 FORTS FIFTH CONGRESS. Sess. III. Ch. 183. 1879. Light-house For salaries of light-house keepers, eighty-six dollars and fifty-four keepers. cents, lLiahi-h<>¤S<=¤¤1¤- For supplies of light-houses, five dollars and thirty-three cents. 108. P B¤<>y¤%¤·_ _ For expenses of buoyage, eight dollars; repairs and preservation_ of P“bh° “‘l‘h“gS‘ public buildings, two hundred and twenty-two dollars and fifty-nine cents; furniture and repairs of same for public buildings, one hundred and seventynine dollars and sixty-two cents; heating apparatus for public buildings, twentyeight dollars and fifty cents; in all, four hundred and thirty-eight dollars and seventy-one cents; being certain 1878, oh. 191, amounts certified by the Second Auditor and Second Comptroller under Ame, 131. section four- of the act of June tourteenth, eighteen hundred and seventy- eight. DEPARTMENT OF JUSTICE. Marshals. For salaries of district marshals, thirty-eight dollars and eighty-nine 1 cents. E x p en scs of For expenses of United States courts, one thousand five hundred and mms- five dollars and nineteen cents. Contingent. For contingent expenses, Department of Justice, twenty-two dollars. INTERIOR DEPARTMENT. CIVIL Eighth census. For expenses of the eighth census, as follows: To pay Tipton B. Collins, one hundred and forty-six dollars and seventy—0r1e cents; David J. Reed, seventy-nine dollars and ninety-two cents; William D. King, two hundred and one dollars and two cents; T. F. Owen, four hundred and nity-six dollars and fifty-four cents ; Sylvanus WValker, one hundred and eighty-nine dollars and sixty-seven cents; in all, one thousand and seventytliree dollars and eighty-six cents. _'1‘in¤ber deprcda- For prevention of depredations on public timber, three hundred and

  • '°“"- six dollars and forty cents.

Landnmces. For salaries and commissions of registers and receivers of the landoffices, seven hundred and thirty-six dollars and twenty-six cents. Lands onone- For repayments for lands erroneously sold, two thousand six hundred °“Sl>’ “°m- and twenty-one dollars and sixty cents. INDIAN AFFAIRS. I¤¤li¤¤ Bu ¤‘i¤· For pay of superintendents and agents five hundred and eightyeight

,;lS° “ t “9;“d dollars and thirty-one cents. ,

I¤i€‘YP¤‘¤i¤¤`¤· For pay of interpreters, forty-two dollars and twelve cents. Contingent. For contingencies of the Indian Department, two hundred and seventy-seven dollars and forty-three cents. Gros Ventres. For fuliillin g treaty with Gros Ventres, fifteen dollars and fifty cents. Incidental ox- For incidental expenses of Indian service in Arizona, one hundred I>•¢¤S0¤- and sixty-four dollars and eighty-ive cents; in Montana, twenty-four _ dollars and sixty-five cents; in New Mexico, seventy-two dollars; and in Oregon and Washington, three dollars; in all, two hundred and sixty- four dollars and fifty cents. Civilization. For support and civilization of Indians in Central Superintendency, four dollars and eight-y·six cents; of Teton Sioux, two hundred and thirty-nine dollars and seventy-two cents; of Sioux at Fort Peck agency, one hundred and fifty dollars; in all, four hundred and ninety-four dollars and fifty-eight cents. Roving Kioka- For collecting and subsistin g roving bands of Kickapoos and other P<>°¤· Indians on the borders of Texas and New Mexico, hve hundred and sixty-five dollars and sixty-six cents.