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FORTY-FIFTH CONGRESS. Sess. Ill. Ch. 184. 1879. 427 CHAP. 184.—An act to establish post-routes M.1rch 3, 1879. Be it enacted by the Senate and House of Representatives of the United States of America in Congress assembled, That the following post-routes Post-routes. be, and the same are hereby established: ALABALIA. Alabama_ From Troy, via Indian Branch, to Helicon. From Grove Hill, via Waites Store Jackson, Cherry’s Mill and Partins Store to Suggsville From Clayton to Solomons’ Mill From Delta to Wedowee From Delta to Talledega From Point Clear, via Stapleton’s Store and Magnolia, to Bon Secour. From Calhoun, v1a Sandy Bridge, Panola, Frazee’s Shop Mothersheds Mill, to Saville. From Montgomery to Carter’s Hill Hom Elba via Old Town and Green Bay, to Cross Trails. From Birmingham, via Doe Snous and Calvary \Villiams, to Demoorat. From Glenville, via Cowikee, to Harris’ From Lot, via Albertsville, to Brooksville From Vernon, via Bedford, to Quincy Mississippi. From Holly Grove, to Rocky Plains From Skipperville, via Blue Springs to Clayton. From Elba via McLean’s Mill, Oldtown and J M Smith's, Alabama, gud Alford’s Mills, Henry Laird’s and John MeKenzie’s to Uehee Anna, lorida. From Linden, via Sweetwater to Hoboken From Summerfield, via Oak Grove, Perryville, Severe Precinct, Pinetucky, Callier’s Store and Morrowville, to Oakmulgee. From Cambridge to Lanoir’s Store. From Monroeville, via River Ridge, to Bell’s Landing From Martin’s Station, via Athens, McKinley and Shiloh to Hoboken. From Carrotton, via Staifords Mill, Alabama, to Columbus Mississ1pp1 From Carrollton, via Raleigh, to Romulus. From Diek’s Creek, via Calhouns Store to Union Springs. From Delta to Lineville From Jacksonville, via Wragg’s Mills, Alsup’s Mills, and MoElrath’s Mills to Centre. From Aurora to Crossville From Tuskeegee, via Cotton Valley and Warrior’s Stand, to Guerry· town. From Chisenhall’s Mills to Fort Payne From Florence Alabama, via the Savannah Road, to Lowreyville, Tennessee. From Carrollton, via Speed’s Mill, Raleigh, Cole’s Store and Elmore’s Store to Gordo. From Claybourne, via Shatuba, to Nicholson’s Store From Andalusia to Cross Trails. From Bay Minette to Monroeville. From Shaeklesville, via Simpkinsville, to Cokerville. From Fort Deposite to Saville From Greenport to Ferryville. From Andalusia to Elba From Day’s Mills to New Marrs From Seale to Eufaula From Daleville to Clintonville. From Panola to Argus. From Nanafalia to Gay’s Landing