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430 FORTY-FIFTH CONGRESS. Sess. HI. Ch. 184. 1879. _C¤lifo¤`¤i¤, 0011- From Oroville, via Enterprise, to Mooretown.

  • ‘““"d· From El Monte to Azusa.

From Milton, via Salt Spring Valley, to Angels. _ _ _ From Big Pine, California, via Mol\Iurrays and Oasis to Mmorville, Nevada. From Oasis California, via McAiTee’s Ranch and Hale’s Ranch to Columbus Nevada From Newhall to Elizabeth Lake From Colfax, via Yankee Crossing, to Yankee Jim’s. From Mariposa, via Lewis’s Rancho to Union From Santa Rosa, via Sebastipol, to Freestone. From Sonora, via Bridgeport, to Bodie. From Milton, via Salt Springs, Angel’s Camp and Vallicita to Murphys From Yosemite to Groveland. From Truckee City to Tahoe. From Sacramento to Freeport. From Tulare City, via Hunsucker, Woodville, Herrick’s Cross and Deer Creek, to Plano. From San Luis Obispo to Bakersiield From Santa Ana to Silverado. From Trinity Centre, via Carr’s Rancho and Coifee Creek to Petersburg. From Stockton, via Collegeville, Atlanta, and Burwood, to Oakdale. From Townsends to Fairview From Tresno City, via Liberty, to Waltham Canyon. From Kingsbury, via Duke, Kings River Ranch, and Kingston to Grangeville From Spadra to Citrus From Colton to Temescal From San Diego, via Spring Valley, Lausnes Valley, and Pine Valley, to Campo. From Campo, via Bonner City to Spadria Frcm Bakersfield to Cholame. From Sawyer’s Bar, via Forks of Salmon, Sommes, Orleans and Cottage Grove, to Happy Camp From Hoopa Valley, via Martin’s Ferry to Orleans. From Trinidad, via Bald Hills, to Martin’s Ferry From Tipton, via Woodxrille, to Hunsocker. From Sonora to Bodie From Downey, via Sulpher Wells, to Ranchito. From Calaveras Big Trees, via Bear Valley, Hermit Valley, Hope Valley, and Tallac Point, to Lake Tahoe, Nevada. From Alturas to Cedarville. Colorado. UOLORADO From Helena to Mahonville From Fairplay via Western Pass, Malta and Leadville to Oro City. From Garland, via Conejos, Pegosa Springs Animas City and Hermosa, to Silverton From Silverton to San Miguel City. From Ouray, Colorado, via San Miguel, Lower San Miguel, Castle Valley, and Salina Canon, to Salino, Utah. From Parrott City, via Mancos, to Dolores. From Oro City, via Union Park, to Washington Gulch. Frgpm Washington Gulch, via State River and East River, to Gunnison ity From Poncho Springs, via Marshall Pass, Twelve—mile Bridge, and Gunnison City, to Ouray From Animas City, Colerado, via the Animas River, to Fort Wingate, New Mexico.