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FORTY-FIFTH CONGRESS. Sess. III. Ch. 184. 1879. 435 IDAHO Idaho. From Camas Creek, to Palouse City, Washington. From Lewiston to Lake Waha Settlement From Placerville to Garden Valley From Malad to St John. From Salmon City to Gibbonsville. From Idaho City to Jordans Creek From Birch Creek via Challi’s to Jordan Creek From Blackfoot to Rock Creek From Blackfoot to Malad Station B Firom Blackfoot via Bonanza Bar and Sublett Creek, to Raft River 1-1 ge From Oneida to Malad City From John Day’s Creek to Shearer’s Ferry From Salmon City to Florence From Junction to Jordan Creek From Jordan Creek to Rock Creek From Jordan Creek to Ross Fork From Silver City to Mountain City, Nevada. From Eagle Rock to Oakley From Atlanta, via Stillwater, Yellow Springs, Yankee Fork Jordan Creek and Chal1i’s to Salmon City From Ross Fork to Bonanza Bar From Blackfoot to Wood River From Atlanta to Bonanza City.


From Carrollton to Woodville. From Grand Tower, via Union Point, Wil1ard’s Landing and Clear Creek, to East Cape Girardeau. From Eddyville to Stone Fort. From Edingburg, via Bolivia, to Mechanicsburgh. From Friendsville, via Comersville, to Allendale. From Palmyra, via Scottville, to Greenfield. From Chesteriield to Fayette. From Smithton to Floraville. From Alhambra to Grand Fork. From Rochelle to North Viola. From Morriston via White Pigeon and Malvern, to Fair Haven. From Harker’s Corners to Mapleton. From Goreville to Vienna From Boynton to Armington From Middletown to Mason City From Lexington to Saybrook. From Mackinaw to Deer Creek From Green Valley to Kilbourn From Bloomington to E1u·eka. From Shawneetown, via Waltonborough and New Haven, to Carmi. From Genoa to Belvidere. From Union to Woodstock. From Cottage Hill via Clear Creek, to Magnolia. From Minooka to N a An Say. From Vermillionville to Tonica. From Moline to Coal Town. From Fullers Point to Arthur. From Roodhouse to Scottville. From Nashville to Three Mile Prairie. From Le Roy to De Witt. From Park’s Corners, Illinois, to Sharon, Wisconsin. alllmm Goose Island, by the Mississippi River, or by land, to Commerci oint.