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438 FORTY-FIFTH CON GBESS. Sess. HI. Ch. 184. 1879. 1¤¤li¤¤ T<>¤‘i*·¤1‘y. From Fort Sill, via North Fork of the Red River, to Fort Elliott, continued. Texas' From Darlington to Camp Supply. From Tahlequa to Vinita From Stonewall to Gainesville, Texas. _ From Ocmulgee to Fort Stanton, New Mexico. From Viuita, via Lightning Creek, to Pawhuska. Iowa. IOWA. From Red Oak to Grant From Hill to Maynard. From Sumner to Randalia. From Hampton to Belmond From Stillwater to Brownville. From Council Bluff to Logan. From Dakota, via Humboldt, to Pocahontas Centre. From Moulton to Orlean . From Lime Springs, via Saratoga, to Busti. From West Union, via Lima, to Wardena From Garner, via Twin Lakes, to Luni. From Ida Grove to Aurelia From Onawa, via West Fork of Little Sioux, to Lemars. From Wolf Dale to Peiro. From Pomeroy to Emmitsburg. From Mapleton to Smithland From Dakota, via Von and Viona, to Luni. From Dakota, via Weaver and Byron to Park Grove. From Dakota, via Addison, Jackson Centre, and Lizzard to Manson. From Humeston to Allerton. From Corydon to Humeston. From Delta, via Chapel Corners and Couplin to Greenville. From Eureka, Adams Count-y, via Hayes, to l§Tewland’s Grove. From Emerson to Hunter’s Branch. From Exira, via Tyner, to Coon Rapids. From Exira to Westside. From Mount Ayr to Westerville From Conway to Mount Ayr. From Council Blufts, via Crescent City, Harrison and Blair to Logan. From Nodaway Mills to Centre. From Harlan to Exira, From Harlan to Logan From Red Oak to Climax From Logan, via Magnolia to Soldier Valley. From Ottumwa to Fremont From Farragut, via Farmer’s City and Turner to Hastings. From Exira, running westward via section sixteen, to Westside From Harlem to Westside From Shelby, via Kegg Creek, Leland Grove and Six Mile Grove across Mosquito and Pigeon Creek to Woodbine. From Cresco to Busti. From Marble Rock to Coldwater. From Butler Centre to Bristow. From Frankville to Postville From Solon, via McClennan’ Ferry, to Mechanicsville. From Des Moines, via McDivits’ Grove to Towner’s Lake. From Lemar’s to Portlandville. From Humeston, via Cambia and Peoria, to Allerton. From Stuart, via West Milton, Harvey’s Mill, and Brough to Perry. From Calo to Collins’s Centre. From Glidden, via Carrollton to Coon Rapids. From Pattersonville to Rock Bapids.