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442 FORTY-FIFTH CONGRESS. Sess. IH. Ch. 184. 1879. _K¢=¤t¤<>ky, crm- From Campton to Jackson _

  • '““°d· From Harlan Court House to Charles Dougherty’s in Powell Valley,

Lee County, Virginia. From Cornwall to Mud Lick Springs _ From Hazelgreen, via Sam Henry Wilson’s, the mouth of Huntmg Creek, down Quicksand to James L. Calhoun s, up Calhoun’s Branch, and across the divide, down to the South Fork of Quicksand to Green Williams’, up the South Fork to the mouth of Spicewood, across to Buckhorn Creek, up it to James Huy’s across the divide to William Gr1gsby’s on Bull Fork of Troublesome at l\IcPherson’s. From Hazard, via the mouth of Carr’s Fork, to Brannam’s or John Amburgy’s. From New Hope, via B. H Mi]ken’s and B. F. Drevin’s, to Hodgensville. From Sadieville, via Hartwood and Lytle Fork Turnpike, to Rockdale. From Walton to Union From Bedford to Milton. From Winton, via Rutland and Trickham to Cynthiana. From Madisonville, via Lisk’s Store and Silent Run, to Dalton. From King’s Mountain, via Meadow Lane and Mount Olive, to Mintonville. From Minorsville, via Bethany and East Eagle, to Owenton. From Versailles to Vanceburgh " From Hammonville to Uptonville From Preachersville to Crab Orchard From Hedges, via Pilot View, Goff ’s and Red River Iron Works to Stanton. From Scottsville to Gainsville From Edenton to Kirksville From Butte Station, via Peach Grove, Pribble Cross Roads, Lennoxburg, and Berlin to Brooksville From Cornwall to Aubray Franklirfs at the mouth of Indian Creek. From Hueysville, via mouth of Caney, to McPherson. From Rochester via Townsville, Lunny Lane, and Gasper’s Bridge, to Rockiield. Louisiana. LOUISIANA From Port Vincent, via Bentons Ferry, to Live Oak Store. From Pine Grove to Amite City. From Port Hudson, via Ambrosia, to Stony Point. From Colfax to Montgomery. From Tangipahoa to Liverpool. From Washington, via Plaisance, Chatargnier, Reed’s Bridge, Point Duralde, and Castor Creek’s Bridge, to Hickory Flat. From Homer, via Blackburn’s, Syke’s, Blooming Rose, Tim Oakleys Red Land, and Benton Boggs, to Collinsburg. From Burr’s Ferry, via Sandy Creek Settlement, to Columbus. From Port Hudson, via Ambrosia, to Deer Ford. From Riverside, via Dutch Town to Hope Villa. From Nachitoches, via Addisons and Kiles Mills, to Leesville. From Franklin, via Glencoe, Bodine Settlement, and Ivanhoe, to Grand Cote. From Point Coupee to New Roads. From Tallulah, via Ashwood, to Saint Joseph. From Keatchie to Kingston. From Baton Rouge, via White Bayou Bridge and Redwood, to Clinton. From Montgomery, by land, to Coltax. From Port Vincent, via Cedar Ota and Hardtimes,to Live Oak Store. From Covington to Shady Grove VFrom Rigolet, via Toorners Saw Mill, and Deer Island, to Old Indian illage.