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FORTY-FIFTH CONGRESS. Srsss. III. Ch. 195. 1879. 479 salaries, for repairs, and for general expenses. He shall also, in like Lifeiusuranco manner, require and obtain, from the officers or managers of all life·in- °°mP”¤i°S- surance companies, the following facts, to wit: Name of company; amount of capital and paid up capital; the number of persons employed in the general administration; the number employed as agents; the total gross assets of the company, exhibiting separately realized assets, deferred and unpaid premiums, and premium notes and loans; total liabilities of the company, exhibiting separately losses adjusted and unadjusted, losses resisted, serip and other dividends, dividends to policy- holders not applied, reinsurance fund ; all other claims, including capital ; receipts from cash premiums; receipts from all other sources; total cash expenditures, exhibiting separately amount paid for losses and claims, dividends to stockholders, dividends to policy-holders, commissions, officers? salaries, medical examiners’ fees, national, State and local taxation, and all other cash expendtures ; amount and character of deposits in each State to secure policy-holders; premium-note expenditures; the number and amount of policies issued during the year; also exhibiting policies terminating during the year, the number and amount terminated by death, by expiration, by surrender, by lapse, by change; total number and amount of policies in force, and the amount of the premiums ; the amount of losses in cash and notes and the percentage of the loss to the total amount of policies in force; percentage of assets to risks in force. He shall in like manner, require and obtain, from every fire and marine insur- _ Fire and marine ance company, the following facts, to wit: Name of company; amount of ¤}S“m¤°° ¤¤¤1P¤· capital stock; the amount paid up; the number of persons employed m°S‘ in general administration; the number employed as agents; the gross assets of company; the total liabilities, exhibiting separately the amount of losses adjusted, losses unadjusted, losses resisted, reinsurance fund; all other liabilities, including capital; also, the total receipts, exhibiting separately tire premiums, marine and inland premiums, and receipts from all other sources, including interest, dividends, and rents; also the total expenditures, exhibiting separately the number and amount of tire losses, of marine and inland losses, dividends, commissions, officers salaries, State, national, and municipal taxes, and all other expenses. He may require such other information, as to the subjects of this section, as, in his judgment, may be necessary to secure such returns as will exhibit the transactions of said several companies. Sec. 18. Each enumerator in his subdivision shall be charged with Duties of enuthe collection of the facts and statistics required by each and all the m°m’°°”· several schedules, with the following exceptions, to wit: In cities where an official registration of deaths is maintained, the Superintendent of Deaths Census may, in his discretion, withdraw the mortality schedule from the several enumerators within such cities, and may obtain the statistics required by this act through official records, paying therefor such sum as may be found necessary, not exceeding the amount which is by this act authorized to be paid to enumerators for a similar service, namely, two cents for each death thus returned. Whenev*er he shall deem it Manufacturing expedient, the Superintendent of Census may withdraw the schedules **96 Social Statisfor manufacturing and social statistics from the enumerators of the sev- ms' eral subdivisions, and may charge the collection of these statistics upon experts and special agents, to be employed without respect to locality. And said Superintendent may employ experts and special agents to Experts and speinvestigate in their economic relations the manufacturing, railroad, fish- cial agentsing, mining, and other industries of the country, and the statistics of telegraph, express, transportation, and insurance companies, as he may designate and require. And the Superintendent of Census shall, with Special Schedthe approval of the Secretary of the Interior, prepare schedules con- ules. . taining such interrogatories as shall, in his judgment, be best adapted to elicit this information, with such specifications, divisions, and particulars under each head as he shall deem necessary to that end. Such experts and special agents shall take the same oath as the enumerators of the several subdivisions, and shall have equal authority with such