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480 FORTY-FIFTH CONGRESS. SnSS. III. Ch. 195. 1879. emunerators in respect to the subjects committed to them, and they shall receive compensation at rates to be fixed by the Superintendent of motion. Census with the approval of the Secretary of the Interior: Provided, That the same shall in no case exceed six dollars per day and actual traveling expenses Date of onumer- Sec. 19 The enumeration required by this act shall commence on the uiivv- urst Monday of June, and be taken as of that date, and each enumerator shall prosecute the canvass of his subdivision from that date forward on each week-day without intermission, except for sickness or other urgent cause; and any unnecessary cessation of his work shall be suiiicient ground for his removal and the appointment of another person in his place; and any person so appointed sha-ll take the oath required of Completion. enumerators, and shall receive compensation at the same rates. And it shall be the duty of each enumerator to complete the enumeration of his district, and to prepare the returns hereinbefore required to be made, and to forward the same to the supervisor of his district on or before the first day of July, eighteen hundred and eighty, and in any city having over ten thousand inhabitants under the census of eighteen hundred and seventy, the enumeration of population shall be taken within two weeks from the first Monday of June; and any delay beyond the dates above respectively, on the part of any enumerator, shall be sufficient cause for withholding the compensation to which he would be entitled by compliance with the provisions of this act, until proof satisfactory to the Superintendent of Census shall be furnished that such delay was by reason of causes beyond the control of such enumerator. Maximum cost. Sno 20. The sum of three millions of dollars is hereby fixed and limited as the maximum cost of the census herein provided for, exclusive of printing and engraving, and it shall not be lawful for the Secretary of the Interior or the Superintendent of Census to incur any expense or obligation whatever, in respect to said census, in excess of that sum. Appropriation. And the sum of two hundred and fifty thousand dollars for printing and other preliminary expenses is hereby appropriated out of any money in the Treasury not otherwise appropriated which sum shall form part of the the three millions nxed as the cost of the census. Infomation from Sec. 21. The Secretary of the Interior is hereby authorized whenever °'*h°* d°P°"m°”'°S· he may think proper, to call upon any other department or officer of the government for information pertinent to the enumeration herein required. Semixlecennial Sec. 22. That if any State or Territory, through its duly appointed SUM °°“¤“¤°°· officers or agents, shall, during the two months beginning on the first Monday of J imc of the year which is the mean between the decennial censuses of the United States is by this act directed to be taken, take and complete a cen us in all respects according to the schedules and forms of enumeration in the census of the United States and shall deposit with the Secretary of the Interior, on or before the first of September following, a full and authentic copy of all schedules returned and reports made by the officers and agents charged with such enumeration, then the Secretary of the Treasury shall, upon receiving a certificate from Conti-iimtion ro the Secretary of the Interior, that such schedules and reports have been cvxpense of. duly deposited, pay, on the requisition of the governor of such State or Territory, out of any funds in the Treasury not otherwise appropriated, a sum equal to fifty per centum of the amount which was paid to all supervisors and actual enumerators within such State or Territory at the United States census next preceding, increased by one half the percentage of gain in population in such State or Territory between the 1-,-mam, two United States censuses next preceding: Provided: That the blank schedules used for the purposes of the enumeration herein provided for shall be similar, in all respects of form and size of heading and ruling, to those used in the census of the United States. Removals. Sec. 23. The Superintendent of Census, with the consent of the President, may at any time, remove any supervisor of census, and fill any vacancy thereby caused or otherwise occurring; andthe supervisor of census may, with the consent of the Superintendent of Census remove