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IVORTY-FIFTH CONGRESS. Sess. III. OH. 202. 1879. 485 them for that purpose, shall report to Congress at its next session a full R€P0I`*y <><>¤t’d· statement of its transactions, together with a plan for a national public health organization, which plan shall be prepared after consultation with the principal sanitary organizations and the sanitarians of the several States of the United States, special attention being given to the subject of quarantine, both maritime and inland, and especially as to regulations which should be established between State or local systems of quarantine and a national quarantine System. Sec. 4. The sum of fifty thousand dollars, or so much thereof as may APP¥`°PYl¤tl°¤- be necessary, is hereby appropriated to pay the salaries and expenses of said board and to carry out the purposes of this act. Approved, March 3, 1879.