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RESOLUTION. [No. 1.] Joint resolution authorizing the payment of Rev John Poisul D. D. late Nov. 17, 1877. Chaplain of the House of Representatives for time of his service as such without ·——···—·( ·· taking the oaths prescribed by law. Be it resolved by the Senate and House of Represerztatires of the United Rev-J<>b¤P<>i¤¤l· States of America in Congress assembled, '1`hat the Clerk of the House of D· D‘ Representatives be and he is hereby authorized to pay out of the fund appropriated for that purpose, to the Rev John Poisal D. D., late chap- P¤¥¤¤¤¤# of SM- lain of the House of Representatives, the salary provided for the chap- MY “’· lain of the House by law, from the fifteenth day of October eighteen hundred and seventy-seven, the date of his election, to the seventh day of November eighteen hundred and seventy-seven, the day of his resignation inclusive it appearing by tho Journal that he has without taking the oaths required by law entered upon and discharged the duties of said office during that period. Approved, November 17, 1877. (495)