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FORTY-FIFTH CONGRESS. Sess. II. C11. 30. 1878. 505 OF THE STATE OF PENNSYLVANIA. Pennsylvania; To Charles P. B. Jeiferys, one hundred and eighty-five dollars and twenty-two cents. To William K. Piper, two hundred and thirty dollars and forty cents. To Daniel Snyder, eighteen dollars. OF THE STATE OF TENNESSEE. Tennessee; To John F. Anderson, one hundred and ninety-three dollars and eighty cents. To Beard Allison, fifty-six dollars and sixty-seven cents. To John H. Adkerson, eightyfive dollars. To W. R. Harrell, administrator of Richard M. Anthony, deceased, one thousand four hundred and seventy dollars. To Howell Barker, three hundred and thirty-seven dollars and fifty cents. To Silas J. Barr, thirty-six dollars and twenty-five cents. To A. L. Bolton, two hundred and two dollars. To John Buntin, two thousand three hundred and fortyfive dollars. To Samutl H. Butler, executor of the last will and testament of John Butler. deceased, nine hundred and twelve dollars and fifty cents. To H. L. Priddy, administrator of Lorry Blair, deceased, one hundred and twenty dollars. To Charles C. Bill, hve hundred and fifty dollars. To John D. Brewster, nine hundred and ninety-three dollars and thirty- one cents. To John M. Burnett, ninety-six dollars. To John W. Boyd, sixty dollars and seventy-four cents. To Thomas Boydstun, administrator of the estate of Cavanaugh Boydstun, deceased, nine hundred and eighty-six dollars and twentyfive cents. To Maria. Barnes, seventy dollars. To James J. Bell, fifty-five dollars. To George Copp, administrator of the estate of Jacob H. Miller, deceased, two hundred dollars. To Abigal Champion, twenty-two dollars and fifty cents. To James T. Carmichael thirty-eight dollars and forty-seven cents. To B. W. Casey, one hundred and twenty-six dollars. To E. H. Childress, executor of the last will and testament of Margaret Stull, deceased, eighty dollars. To Caleb R. Clement one hundred and ten dollars. To Mrs M. A. Crittenden, seven hundred and forty-six dollars. To Richard S. Corn, two hundred and five dollars. To Thomas Chadwell, executor of lf. H. Childress, deceased, one hundred and twenty-tive dollars. To James Cummings, one thousand and one hundred and thirty-two dollars and fifty cents. To J. P. Clark, four dollars and fifty cents. ‘ To Andrew Dame, eight hundred and thirty-two dollars. To Sarah Deacons, two hundred and sixteen dollars and eighty-three cents. To Samuel L. Doggett, two hundred and one dollars and fifty cents. To Edward S. Doyle, seventy-four dollars and fifty cents. To George WV. Dame, seventy dollars. To Lucy E. Dowdy, executiix of the last will and testament of Will iam P. Dowdy, deceased, seven hundred and twenty-four dollars and twenty-tive cents, upon tiling with the Secretary of the Treasury a duly authenticated copy of letters testamentary. To A. H. Darden, eight hundred and thirty-five dollars and fifty cents. To Augustin Evans, eight hundred and seventy-tive dollars and twenty-tive cents. To Jesse Evans, eighty-four dollars and thirty-two cents.