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5].6 FORTY-FIFTH CONGRESS. Sess. II. Ch. 77. 1878. K¤¤¤¤¤ky. ¤<>¤- Hedges, deceased, of Bath County, eighty-seven dollars and fifty

  • i““°d· cents.

Edward Hodges, Laurel County, thirty dollars. William Hudson, Pulaski County, five hundred and seventeen dollars and fifty cents. James Jaggers, Hardin County, one hundred and fifty dollars. Benjamin C. Jenkins, administrator of the estate of Benjamin A. J enkins, deceased, late of LaRue County, thirty-eight dollars. Miles Kelly, Warren County, one thousand seven hundred and forty- nine dollars and twenty cents. William Lewis, Green County, three hundred and twenty dollars. James D. McConnell, Barren County, seven hundred and sixteen dollars and fifty cents. , Alexander MeHatton, Hart County, one thousand three hundred and ninety dollars. Melvina A. Metcalfe, Union County, five hundred and ninety dollars. G. W. Miller, Todd County, seventy-five dollars. Robert A. Miller, Metcalfe County, ninety-five dollars. Marshall B. Moore, and Elizabeth J., his wife, Rochelle County, one hundred and ninety-six dollars and sixty cents. R. L. Moore, Crittenden County, nine hundred and ten dollars. Robert D. Murray, Hardin County, three hundred and seventeen dollars. · J. W. Orr, Crittend in County, one hundred and forty dollars. W. 1\I. Outlaw, Hardin County, one hundred and thirty-five dollars. W. W. Pierson, Union County, iorty- two dollars and sixty cents. James S. Rogers, Taylor County, one hundred and twenty-five dollars. John K. Shackleford, Hopkins County, two hundred and thirty dollars. H. S. Shoudy, administrator of the estate of P. G. Bowlett, deceased, Hart County, five thousand six hundred and six dollars and twenty-five cents. J. L. Smedley, Mercer County, sixty-seven dollars and seventy-five cents. Elijah Smith, Whitley County, twenty-six dollars and fifty cents. Mary E. Storey, Clinton County, sixty dollars. Young E. Steele, Crittenden County, two hundred and twenty-three dollars. Fielding W. Talbott, Clinton County, commissary stores, fifteen dollars; qnartermasters’ stores, nine dollars and sixty-seven cents; in all, twenty-four dollars and sixty-seven cents. William S. Taylor, Pulaski County, forty-seven dollars. Delilah G. Waggencr, Cumberland County, thirty-two dollars. Scott Walker, administrator of the estate of James L. Martin, deceased, Cumberland County, ninety dollars. . William W. Waring, Jefferson County, one hundred and forty-five dollars and twenty cents. J. J. Wright, Casey County, twenty-nine dollars. Stephen D. Wright, LaRue County, six hundred and thirty-eight dollars and fifty cents. Maryland; OF THE STATE OF MARYLAND. W'illiam H. Young, executor of the last will and testament of John Young, deceased, late of Frederick County, four hundred and thirty- three dollars. Nathan W. Alnntt, Montgomery County, one hundred and eighty-nine dollars. Mary E. Anderson, Montgomery County, six hundred and two dollars. Margaret J. Beall, in her own right, and Margaret J. Beal}, administratrix of the estates of Matilda B. L. Beall and Jane Elizabeth Beall, deceased, Montgomery County, one hundred and seventy dollars and fifty cents.