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FORTY-FIFTH CONGRESS. Sess. Il. Ch. 243. 1878. 555 To Elisha M. Bromblett, two hundred dollars. Georgia, contin- To Isaac Broun, one hundred dollars. md- To Daniel Butler, senior, seven hundred and sixty-three dollars. To Isaac E. Casey, three hundred and twenty·1ive dollars. To Odian Castleberry, one hundred dollars. To John M. Catlett, one hundred and eighteen dollars. To Cornelius P. Cassin, one thousand three hundred and forty dollars. To David M. Christopher, three hundred and sixty-four dollars. To John M. Clarkson, administrator of John M. Lawrence, deceased, two hundred and thirty-one dollars. To Daniel L. Cline, five hundred and forty-tive dollars. To Mary Cochran, four hundred and sixty-four dollars. To Henry L. Coney, three hundred and seventy-one dollars. To Lloyd Coursey, six hundred and seventeen dollars. To Madison Dancer, nine hundred dollars. To Kate Deihl, one thousand dollars. To Elijah Dodson, three hundred and sixty-three dollars. To Mack Dorsey, one hundred and fifty dollars. To Augustus C. Elliott, eight hundred and fifty-tive dollars. To John YV. Evans, three hundred and ten dollars. To YVi!son Evans, one hundred and thirty dollars. To Lindley M. Farmer, four hundred and ninetyseven dollars. To Daniel P. Ferguson, administrater of William H. Sharpe, deceased, one thousand two hundred dollars. To Samuel C. Finley, five hundred and fifteen dollars. To Charles P. C. Fischer, one hundred and ninety dollars. To Sarah Gatewood, one hundred dollars. To Mary Gilreath, widow of James H. Gilre:1th,five hundred and four dollars. To William H. Gilreath, two hundred and forty dollars. To Elizabeth Green, seven hundred and eighty dollars. To \Villiam Griflin, four hundred and liity-six dollars. To Jesse R. Griggs, two hundred and twenty-tive dollars. To William B. Grinnell, one thousand two hundred and iorty-two dollars. To Mahala Harris, one hundred and eighty-tive dollars To Caroline Hatcher, justice administratrix of estate of John H. Hatcher, deceased, four hundred and seventy-eight dollars. To Peter Hens, seven hundred and fifty-nine dollars and seventy-hve cents. To Elvira Hogan, one hundred and forty dollars. To Harmon, Holcombe, two hundred and fifty dollars. To John Holcombe, two hundred and thirty-eight dollars. To Joseph Holland, three hundred and sixty dollars. To Samuel D. Holland, four hundred and fifty-eight dollars. To Thomas Holland three hundred dollars. To William Holland, three hundred and twenty dollars. To Washington Holmes, seven hundred and fifty-six dollars. To Nancy L. Horn, one hundred and ninety-six dollars and seventy- hve cents. To David Huie, nine hundred and five dollars. To Ira Jennings seven hundred and ninety-tive dollars. To Monemia Johnson, two hundred and forty-six dollars. To Tilmon Lanear, two hundred and ninety-one dollars. To E. B. Langston, four hundred and seventy dollars. To Vandella 1. Lazenby, one thousand four hundred and forty dollars. To John Lemon, one hundred and thirty-nine dollars. To Joseph S. Leonard, three l)llll(l1'0(l and ninety dollars. To Eli Lovinggood, one hundred dollars. To Willitiiii McCoy, two hundred and seventy-six dollars. To Alexander McDonald, one hundred and ninety dollars.