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632 FonrY.r1r·rn oonennss. sms. 111. cu. 287. 1879. Claims ¤||<»w¤<1 To John Alexander, one hundred and eighty-three dollars and twenty by accounting oiii- cents_ wg; t° g°“°" L"- To Ellen Anderson, one hundred and seventeen dollars and sixty tiuuziéy aud, con- cents. To Joseph Bomberger, one hundred and twenty-dollars. To John H. Baker, two hundred and fifty dollars. _ To Henry A. Butler, one hundred and forty-eight dollars and sixty cents. To William Booth, administrator of Margaret Booth, deceased, eight hundred and ninety-four dollars and fifty cents. To William Booth, one hundred and thirtyfive dollars. To John Brown, eighty-nine dollars and thirty seven cents. To George H. C. Bentz, three hundred and seventy-two dollars. To M. G. Beall, thirty-four dollars and ninety-two cents. To James N. Benton, three hundred and forty-one dollars. To Harriet Baker, one hundred and twenty dollars. To Jonas Beachley, twelve dollars. To Samuel Bossard, eight dollars and forty cents. To Peter H. Bussard, thirty-two dollars. To James Brown, two hundred and seventeen dollars and twenty cents. To Benjamin F. Ball, seventy-eight dollars. To Basil L. Bean, two lnmdred and sixty-nine dollars. To John H. Beakley, sixty-six dollars. To G. W. Burkhart, twenty-eight dollars and fifty cents. To Eli Burross, nineteen dollars and fifty-six cents. To Rebecca Bridges, thirty-four dollars and fifty cents. To David Coffman, seventy dollars. To Henry Coblentz of “J", ninety dollars and fifty cents. To Ann Connell, five hundred and four dollars and forty cents. To John R. W. and William I. Cox, one hundred and twelve dollars. To Susan Creager, two dollars. To James Condy, fifty-two doHars and twenty-two cents. To Moses Cox, four hundred and fifteen dollars. To Nathan Cooke, three hundred and eleven dollars and fifty-six cents . To Simon Coffman, seventy dollars. To Joseph L. Clopper, two hundred and seventy dollars and seventy- six cents. To David Dinsmore, one hundred and fifteen dollars and seventy-tive cents. To Daniel Dunn, fol11‘ hundred and fiftyfive dollars. To Peter Dudderer, seventy-four dollars; Elijah Enser, one hundred alng thirteen dollars and twenty cents; and Jesse Clary, two hundred o ars. To Jacob Dorcas, two hundred and ninetynve dollars and eighty-two cents. To Michael Donohoo, one hundred and thirty-seven dollars and thirty- tive cents. To George A. Davis, administrator of Abraham Briscoe, deceased, one hundred and forty dollars. Tg; William Dellinger, two hundred and sixty-nine dollars and ten cen . To Daniel R. Doud, administrator of Jonathan Doud, deceased, four hundred and sixty-eight dollars and fifty cents. To Elizabeth Dujfy, one hundred and fifty-eigl1t dollars and fifty cents. To William Davis, seventy dollars. To Hemy S. Eavey, ninety dollars. To Daniel Emmert, seventy-five dollars. To George Eakle, tour hundred and eighty-five dollars. To John W. and Jacob Ecker, executors of John Ecker, deceased, two hundred and six dollars and fifty cents.