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634 FORTY-FIFTH CONGRESS. Sess. III. Ch. 287. 1879. Claims allowed To Michael Newcomer, four hundred and eighty-one dollars and fifty by DlCC01l11il11g Dm- cents. °"° t° P°”°"Sm" To Jacob Nicodemus, thirty-eight dollars and eighty cents. mlgzflmm °°°' To John Nikirk, seven hundred and nineteen dollars and nmety cents. ' To Conrad Nicodemus, fortyfve dollars. To John Nicodemus, one hundred and eighty-eight dollars. To Sophia Norris, fifteen dollars and five cents. To Joshua Newcomer, junior, forty-five dollars. To John N ieodemus, one hundred and twenty-ive dollars and seventy cents. To Joseph 0’Neal, two hundred and sixty-one dollars and seventy cents. To Elbert Perry, thirty-six dollars. To Thomas H. Price, administrator of Mary E. Price, deceased, fifty dollars. To Henry A. Pumphrey, six hundred and five dollars and seventy-five cents. To Thomas Picking, one hundred and forty-six dollars and fifty cents. To John Reifsnider, surviving partner of firm of Anders and Reifsnider, one hundred and forty-nine dollars. To William H. Rice, two hundred and fifty-two dollars. To Joseph Roderick, one hundred and ilfty-four dollars and sixty-two cents. To Elizabeth Rickett, one hundred and sixty dollars. To George W. Roderick one hundred and fifty-six dollars. To Daniel G. and David W. Rowland, executors of Jonas Rowland, deceased, one hundred and twenty dollars. To John W. Ryan, eight dollars. To Joseph Renehan, four hundred and nineteen dollars. To Noah Rohrback, three hundred and thirty-nine dollars and sixty six cents. To Otho Riley thirty-seven dollars. To Elias Snively, executor of J ohn Russell, deceased, three hundred and ninety-two dollars and eighty-seven cents. To Mrs. M. E. Schley, eighty-two dollars. To John Shifler, three dollars and sixty cents. To Otho and Alfred Showman, executors of Kesia Showman, deceased, twvo hundred and five dollars and seventy-three cents. To Otho and Alhed Showman (in their own right) and administrators of Raleigh Showman, deceased, one thousand four hundred and twenty two dollars and eighty-four cents. To William F. Smith, six hundred and eight dollars. To Henry Stokes, seventy-five dollars. To Jonathan Slifer, four hundred and sixteen dollars. Tp Daniel Smith of “J ”, one hundred and tnventy-six dollars and eighty cents. d T3 Hiram BhSnively, executor of George Snively deceased, one hunre an fifty ollars. To Ezra J. Snyder, ninety-four dollars and twenty cents. To Martin Speck, seventeen dollars. To Sarah Smeltzer, three hundred and eighty-four dollars and thirty- seven cents To Noble Stonestreet, twenty dollars. To Daniel Smith of “J ", one hundred and thirtynve dollars. To William Sultzer, forty-five dollars. To Jonas Speilman, three hundred and thirty dollars. To Joseph Thomas, and Joseph Thomas executor of Michael Thomas, deceased, three hundred and forty-one dollars and forty cents. To Josiah Toms, one hundred and thirty five dollars. To Lewis E. Thomas, twenty-four dollars. To Lewis E. Thomas, sixty-one dollars and twenty-five cents. To John Troxel, twenty-four dollars and ninety-seven cents.