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ronrr-r1rrH conennss. snss. 111. cn. 2s7. ism. 635 To Edward Trail, four hundred and eleven dollars. Claims auowod To Michael Tenant, formerly the husband of Catherine Tenant, de- by ”°°°“¤**¤3 PH? ceased, one hundred and seven dollars and ten cents. °°” *0 P‘°”°““‘“" To Wilham F. Unger, twenty-nine dollars and forty cents. t££?{1““d* °°“` To Fredrick Unger, one hundred and fifteen dollars. A To John White, three hundred and seventy-eight dollars. To Anthony Wivel, three hundred dollars. To William W. Wenner, administrator of Joseph Waltmaii, deceased, two thousand six hundred and fifty-four dollars and sixty-five cents. To Edwin \Vartleld, three hundred and four dollars and stx cents. To Ezra Willard, trustee of YVi1ham T. and Mary G. Willard, eight hunched and eightyeight dollars and forty cents. To Robert Wilson, ninety dollars. To Jacob Wirtz, twenty-one dollars. o To Joshua \Vyand, one hundred and forty-three dollars. To Joseph White, one hundred and thirty-six dollars and fifty cents. To Richard Williams, three hundred and eighty-three dollars. To David Young, sixty-seven dollars and twenty cents. To E. D. and House Zimmerman, executors of J. Zimmerman of “J", deceased two hundred and ninety-two dollars and fifty cents. To David A. Zeigler, nine hundred and nve dollars and fiftyseven cents To Joseph Zettle, twelve dollars and fifty cents. To Jacob Zimmerman, ninety-nine dollars. OF THE STATE OF MISSOURI. Missouri. To A. B. Blankenship, administrator of John Sigler, deceased, fifteen dollars. To Joel Broyles, thirty dollars. To William H. Bradshaw, guardian of the minor heirs of Mary Ann Bradshaw, deceased, forty dollars. To Louis Benecke, one hundred and fifty dollars. To John D. Burkhart, two hundred and sixty dollars. To George W. Burgess, one thousand dollars To Prior Bradley, forty-seven dollars and fifty cents. To Peter Brooks, one hundred and fifty dollars. To Isaiah Clifton, administrator of Liberty Cliftomdeceased, seventy- one dollars and eighty-two cents. To Simpson B. Cary, forty-two dollars. " To Elizabeth Clinton, one hundred and ten dollars. To John F. Cobey, four hundred and thirtyfive dollars. To Moses S. Courtright, thirty dollars. To George Creson, four hundred and sixty-five dollars. To John J. Campbell, one hundred dollars. To Thomas W. Clagett and Montgomery Clagett, administrators of Oratio Clagett, deceased, one thousand one hundred and eighteen dollars and eighty-one cents To Julia A. Crumbliss, one hundred and sixty dollars. To \Villiam M. Cary, ninety-six dollars. To Charles Denney, two hundred and twenty-three dollars and seventy five cents. To John M. Dunivin, one hundred dollars. To Thomas Evans, two hundred and thirty dollars. To Oswell T. Ellis, seven hundred and forty dollars. To James T. Fuller, eighty dollars. To Narcissus Forrester, executrix of the estate of William Forrester, deceased, two hundred and thirty dollars. To John C. G. Goodwin, one thousand six hundred and fifteen dollars. To Ambers Graham, four hundred and forty-eight dollars. To Daniel Graham, forty dollars.