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FORTY FIFTH CONGRESS. Sess. IH. Ch. 287. 1879. 637 OF THE STATE OF OHIO. Claims allowed by accounting odi- To Robert B. Anderson, ninety dollars. °°” *f’ P°”°¤¤l¤— To John C. Anthony, one hundred dollars. Ohm- To John G. Armstrong, one hundred and thirty dollars. To Abijah Armacost, sixty-five dollars. To George W. Abbott, one hundred and twenty-five dollars. To John C. Adams, eighty dollars. To Mathias C. Anderson, one hundred and twentytive dollars. To Sarah Arnold, widow of John Arnold, deceased, sixty-five dollars. To Peter Antlnes, one hundred and ten dollars. To the estate of Jonathan Addison, two hrmdred and twenty dollars. To Sortor Ayres, one hundred and twenty-tive dollars. To J olm Bennett, thirty dollars. To Allen Blackwood, one hundred dollars. To J ohn Booth, one hundred dollars. To Henry Bowman, seventy dollars. To Maria Bru·ns, one hundred dollars. To James S. Burns, one hundred dollars. To William R-. Burr, fifty dollars. To George T. Butts, fifty-four dollars. To David Bay, one hundred and fifteen dollars. To George Baker, two hundred and sixty dollars. To James \V. Baldridge, junior, one hunded and fifteen dollars. To Euphemia Buckingham and others, executors of Horatio Buckingham, deceased, one hrmdred and fifty dollars. To Charles J. Buckingham, one hundred and thirty-Eve dollars. To Sallie A. Brunap, one hundred dollars. To Samuel C. Butler, ninety dollars. To Kendel T. Bowin, one hundred and thirty dollars. To H. P. Brown, sixty-five dollars. To William F. Bryan, one hundred dollars. To Hemy Beagle, one hundred and twenty-fave dollars. To Joseph Basim, one hundred and twenty-five dollars. To William S. Bethel, executor of Brandus Bethel, deceased, two hundred and seventy dollars. To Abel Bown, two hundred dollars. To Samuel Bass, one hundred dollars. To James Brown, eighty dollars. To Beal H. Bryan, seventy-tive dollars. To John C. Breckenridge, administrator of John Shreve, deceased, seventy-ive dollars. To Catharine E. Blair, widow of William L. Blair, deceased, seventy- five dollars. ‘ To Abram Bernhart, one hundred and twenty-tive dollars. To William Brown, six dollars and sixteen cents. To Alice G. Carter, administratrix of John Carter, deceased, one hundred aud thirty-five dollars. To Sarah Clark, one hundred dollars. To Reuben W. Connor, one hundred and twenty dollars. To Joseph Church, fifty dollars. To Hugh Craig, seventyseven cents. To John Cramblet, one hundred and twenty-tive dollars To John Cramer, seventy dollars. To William B.. Chatterton, one hundred and thirty—ilve dollars. To Picket Clark, executor of Francis M. Clark, deceased, seventy-five dollars To Christian Craver, one hundred and thirty-tive dollars. To Hiram Cope, one hundred and thirty-five dollars. To Solomon Churchill, one hundred and thirtynve dollars. To John R. Cornell, thirteen dollars. To Andrew Carman, one hundred and twenty-ive dollars.